Thursday, March 23, 2017

Only an idiot believes Obama didn't surveil Trump & his team

The fact that the chairman of house committee on intel has told us that PDJT’s transition team was surveilled has made no dent in the #Nevertrumper’s temper tantrum like fit – “NO THEY WEREN”T!!!”  The #Nevertrumsters are hanging their hats on Nunes’ use of the word “inadvertently”.  In other words, the Trump team was surveilled incidental to surveillance of other targets.

We had surveillance on the Russian ambassador so anyone talking to that guy was “inadvertently” surveilled as well.  Except that Nunes also told us the surveillance in question had nothing to with Russia.  Seems to me it would be better all the way around for the #Nevertrumpers if was the Russians.  We know why we are surveilling the Russians.  If the Trump team was “swept up” in surveillance of the Lithuanian undersecretary for post cards and travel brochures that would lead me to question who the real “target” of the surveillance was.

The #Nevertrumpsters, including Charles Krauthammer, are poo pooing the report as inconsistent with PDJT’s claim that Obama surveilled him.  My immediate reaction to Trump’s claim was, well of course Obama surveilled Trump.  Nunes’s revelation is just one more piece in the “well no $h!t” theory that Obama was wiretapping Trump.

So Obama, doing his best Henry II impersonation, says, “Will no one get me some dirt on this meddlesome outsider?  Uh, without getting caught.”  So the bright guys in intel wishing to please the king say, “Trump’s team is friends with the Lithuanian undersecretary for post cards and travel brochures.  Let’s surveil the Lithuanian and see what we ‘inadvertently’ sweep up on the Trumpsters.”  And it goes on from there.  They surveil the Lithuanian.  When that doesn’t pay off, they “target” a Coke-a-Cola exec from Lower Slobovia.  When that doesn’t pay off, they “target” the delivery guy – a third generation Irish immigrant.  Then they “target” a Trump aide who used Russian salad dressing on his salad at lunch.  They continue to “target” everyone on the periphery of the Trump team but NEVER target the team.  It’s all BS.

There is nothing coming from the #Nevertrumpsters that will convince me that there was not a coordinated effort by US intelligence to surveil the Trump team.    That has been my position from the start.  To me, Obama surveilling Trump is as common sense as Reagan surveilling the Russians.  Of course he surveilled Trump.  The difficulty is proving it.

The Demo-Dopes are upset with Nunes for outing the surveillance.  Chief Dope azzweasel Adam Schiff says the House investigation has possibly been compromised by Nunes’ revelations.  Really?  Was Schiff upset when Jimmy the shape shifter Comey revealed an investigation into Trump’s transition team?  No.  I don’t think he was.

Another “lone wolf” attack?  No.  It’s a pack of lone wolves doing what Islamo-Terror-Fascist have directed them to do.  The problem is not “lone wolves” – an oxymoron.  The problem is Islam.

Exhibit one:  London’s Muslim mayor says terror attacks are just part of living in a big city.  Well they wouldn’t be if were not for your BS brand of “religion”.

Exhibit two:  Turkish President Erdogan has warned “not a single European, not a single Westerner will be able to take a step on the road safely anytime in the world”.  Erdogan was shaking the West down for a more liberal migration policy.  Turkey should be kicked out of NATO and Erdogan should have a cruise missile run up his azz if he doesn’t very publicly apologize. 

Healthcare Bill
I don’t know which way this will fall.  My sense is that enough Republicans will figure out a way to make money for themselves off the bill to drag it across the line.

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