Thursday, March 02, 2017

Only muslims can minister to the spiritual needs of Christian soldiers

Yes this makes total sense 
The Army – the US Army – is placing a Muslim chaplain – one of only five in the entire Army – in charge of the spiritual needs of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers in the Army’s 7th Infantry Division.  This makes about as much sense as the University of Meatchicken putting Urban Meyer in charge of their football recruiting.  Or - Chevy letting Ford Motor Car engineers take a run at designing the new Corvette.

I don’t know this guy.  My gut tells me that at best he is the Army’s latest poster child for affirmative action, at worst he’s Nidal Hassan type murdering excrement head.  I think Project Viritas should get on this case and start undercover recordings of this guy today.

Lex that’s prejudiced and islamophobic.  Perhaps.  I’ll relent when I hear a loud unequivocal condemnation of Radical Islamic Terrorism from this guy.  I’ll relent when he embraces Israel.  I’ll relent when he tells the division that sharia and Islam are totally subordinate to the US Constitution with regard to the execution of his duties as division chaplain.  I’ll relent when he openly embraces homosexual soldiers and condemns islam’s attacks on homosexuality.  I’ll relent when he condemns Middle Eastern governments’ treatment of Christians.  I’ll relent when he tells muslims to promote women to full human status.

The problem isn’t with Shabazz per se.  The problem is with the religion he represents being trapped in the 7th century.  The problem is with practitioners of the religion not embracing modernity.  The problem is with a society that holds everyone but practitioners of the “religion of peace” to certain standards.   No Lefty Lib in Hollywood or Caligula, D.C. would wait a nanosecond to condemn PDJT were he to say anything that could be twisted into a limiting statement on homosexuality.  They are all mute about muslim government killing homosexuals as a matter of islamic law.

PDJT had to condemn David Duke, what, like 10,000 times?  Why isn’t this guy expected to condemn the 7th century backazzward ways of islam or at least what is claimed to be a bastardization of islam?  Seems to me if a sect of Catholics was organized in hit squads of Protestants Lex would condemn them as NOT Catholic. 

So Chaplain Shabazz, easy questions, is the life of every homosexual worth as much as every muslim?  Should women be considered equal partners in today’s society?  Will you support the building of Christian Churches in Mecca?  Does Israel a have an absolute right to exist in the Middle East?  Are muslims killing innocents around the world in the name of islam vile, disgusting dirt bags who should burn in hell for eternity?

What say you Chaplain Shabazz, the world wonders.

Of course we have to factor in that Shabazz's religion allows him lie to advance that religion, so... 

Bill Nye the mechanical engineer guy
Ney is back in the news.  Trucker Carlson interviewed him.  Here’s the best account of how that went.

Then some Demo-Dope had Ney into his office seeking Ney’s help in getting us to Mars.  That led to this priceless comment:  Bill Ney is to science what Captain Kangaroo was to International Maritime Law.  He is a children’s entertainer…  

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