Friday, March 03, 2017

Before there is no one left to defend, the Republicans better start defending their own

 I’m not sure the Republicans learned anything from PDJT’s stunning GOP primary win and even more remarkable general election win last Nov.  PDJT did not win by submitting to Demo-Dope and MSM attacks and begging forgiveness for not being sufficiently compliant with Dope/MSM wishes to kill off his own campaigns.  PDJT hit back hard every time.

So even before the story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Russia meetings had cleared the wire, the usual band of Dope azzbags, Chuckels Scummer, Grand Nan from San Fran et al, were calling for Sessions’ resignation.  After November’s stunner you’d think the Republicans would have learned to blast away at the Dopes and their purveyors fake news in defense of Sessions.  You’d be wrong.  Rat establishment Republicans were true to form throwing one of their own under the bus in order to deflect any unwanted Dope/MSM scrutiny from themselves. 

ReR should know by now whoever the daily target is they are not the real target.  The Dope/MSM target is the entirety of the Republican Party and anyone else supporting PDJT. Sessions is the current target of opportunity.  The ReR had better get a clue and start hitting back, because before long there won’t be any more bodies to throw in front of the Dope bus.  The only left will be themselves, and the Dope will be headed right for them.

There is no reason to allow mental midgets like Schumer, Pelosi and Supreme Dumbazz Clair McCaskill have a free reign on this.  McCaskill said in 10 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee she’d never met with the Russian Ambassador.  Well first off why would anyone interested in productive, meaningful, thoughtful conversation of substance contact a hack Dope back bencher?  That’d be like sports writer wanting to know what makes Tom Brady tick asking for a meeting with the parking attendant at Gillette Stadium.  McCaskill is to the Congress and the US Armed Services what Walter Mitty was to the war effort – a big fat nothing.   Besides it turnned out the dumbazz did meet with the Russians.

I do not know why Republican will not stand and protect one of their own from a pack baying hyenas.  Ask John McCain how well playing nice with hyenas went for him.  It was swell while he was pillorying his own team.  Once he thought he could run the country better than a Dope, he himself was descended upon by his own pack.

When someone was talking BS in the locker room about someone else, there was a two word retort that sums up what the Republican response to Scummer, Peloser and McCaskill should be, F__k off.  Let me get my “plain English to Caligula, D.C. speak” translator out.  Lemmesee, Ah here it is, “To my good friend and colleague, the esteemed senator from New York, these false and scurrilous charges are beneath contempt and bring great discredit upon this chamber, the good senator and the entire working of civil, responsive, compassionate and cooperative governance of this great nation, which was founded on the principle of fair play, fair trails, fair trade and fair weather none of which is on display in my good friend’s unjust, uninformed, unmerited, unreasonable and unwarranted blasphemous attacks on a former colleague who has proven himself to be above reproach, a proud American, a solid family man, a high minded man of good Christian moral….blah…blah…blah”

Well I don’t have time to translate the entire passage so let’s go back to the plain English version.  Hey!  Chucky!  F__K OFF!

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