Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dopes MSM azzwagons ignore criminal activity to focus on process, McCain unsurprisingly agrees

In some post(s) under I am certain that Lex warned that PDJT would have to battle both Demo-Dopes and Rat establishment Republicans.  There is no bigger rat in the Rat establishment Republican Party than John McCain.

To be honest McCain we all knew McCain would throw in with the Dopes as soon as any Republican – other than himself – was elected president.  So McCain the media whore reemerged after DJT was sworn in as POTUS.  What better way is there to get media attention than being Rat establishment Republican trashing Republicans? 

McCain has been hanging around Caligula, D.C. since 1982 when the national debt was about a paltry three trillion dollars.  On John McCain’s watch the debt has grown to 20 trillion dollars.  He was there every step of the way.  

McCain is now siding with reactionary Demo-Dopes and their bootlickers in MSM to get the scalp of House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes.  Nunes received some information about criminality* occurring somewhere in the intel community.  Nunes released the fact that there was a whistleblower somewhere in the intel community that has info on the fact that the community gathering info on the Trump transition team to press, then PDJT and then the ranking member of the House Intel Committee. 

Well the Demo-Dope and their butt sniffing MSM lackeys went nuts.  They didn’t go nuts about government intel agencies collecting info on the opposition party and then releasing damaging info to the MSM flunkies and compounding the crime by unmasking the names of American citizens “inadvertently” swept up in the intel sweeps of “targeted” individuals.  No.  Hell no.  The Dopes are upset because Nunes didn’t come to them first.  So the MSM goofballs were informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  PDJT was informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  The Dopes were informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  And now the Dopes want Nunes out because he told them last. 

Predictably, John McCain is siding with Dopes.  Watch this.  The ancient fossil starts out by saying he’s “been around a long time.”  Well no $h!t John.  That’s the problem.  You’ve been around since Alice and Dynasty were popular on TV. 

Then watch the 2:10 mark where he say that there needs to be a “change” because it’s “dominating the news.”  What a complete azzwagon.  He’s too old and senile to know that it is dominating the news because the Dopes and boobs in the media want Nunes out.  They aren't focusing on the crimes committed within the intel agencies.  They are focused on Nunes because he waited to the Dopes not that there is a whistle blower expositor criminal activities within the intel comunity.

Nunes should have news conference and go full DJT on McCain, Schumer and MSM and tell them all “to go to hell.”  And when the inevitable follow up question comes tell them all that they kiss your azz.    

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