Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The reaction to Gorsuch

#NeverTrumpers react to Trump’s SC pick
First off, what are the #NeverTrumpers thinking this morning? 
A)  We’d be much better off had Hillary made her SC nomination last night.
B)  What’s the big deal about the Supreme Court?
C)  Sure Trump’s SC pick might save the country for a generation, but voting for Trump was still a crazy thing to do.
D)  This nomination proves I was a complete idiot for my #NeverTrump self-centered azzbaggery.

The correct answer is D, but having learned nothing, my guess is the #NeverTrumpers would all pick C.  Never mind had they had their way and Hillary had been elected, the country, as we know it anyway, would be doomed.

MAGA Trumpsters react to Trump’s pick
It was all worth it.  For the sake of the country it has all been worth it.  Trump’s sometimes inexplicable tweets, his sometimes unartful turn of phrase, sometimes uncouth off-the-cuff comments, the media assaults on our intellect, actual assault from Leftist anarchist, unending lampooning from the “beautiful people”, being called a woman hating racist, Nazi, homophobe et al.  

It was all worth it.  And I say that not knowing this morning whether or not Gorsuch will turn out to be Scalia like or Souter like.

The other good news in all of this is that DJT’s second choice after Gorsuch – Thomas Hardiman - is apparently another good choice.  He’d be the only non-Ivy League former taxi driver on the SC.  Sounds good to me.  But what do I know?  Like so many other topics, I know nothing about any of the people on Trump’s SC list.

Unhinged Lefty lunatics react to Trump’s pick
30 seconds after Trump made his announcement, protests began outside the Supreme Court; Chief AzzClown Chucky Chuckles Scummer released a tear stained statement condemning the pick; and the world’s dumbest woman Grand Nan from San Fran took a break from serenading us with her rousing rendition of This Land is Your Land to tell Americans that Gorsuch is - literally – against clean air, clean water, food safety, safety in medicine, and as the dimwit put it “the rest”. She of course invoked "the children" in her condemnation of Gorsuch.

Question:  How long can a person/people maintain outrage?  Don’t people just get tired at some point, take a break to lay down for a nap or go fishing or something?  Well if the “religion of peace” is any indication, the on-cue outrage can last for centuries.  So if DJT or right thinking Americans believe the Lefty Libs will tire of their unending tantrums in the next 4 or 8 years, better rethink that.  Every day there will be a new outrage. 

My hope is that DJT – hey let’s make that PDJT, P for President DJT.  So my hope is that PDJT will give them 2-3 things a day to go apoplectic over.  Their off-putting rage will not bode well for them in the mid-terms.  It’s unlikely that the wide swath of Americans will say to themselves “You know these unhinged, violent, vulgar and disruptive demonstrations make sense to me.  I think I’ll join them and vote Dope this time around.”

Can it be said, "If you oppose everything, you actually oppose nothing."  Well of course it can be said, but is there truth in it?  I think there is.  If Gran Fran from San Fran opposes Gorsuch by stating that he essentially wants to kill your children and drown puppies, who the heck will take her seriously?  Uh, Dopes.  The MSM.  Snowflakes.  Communists.  No, wait, I already noted Dopes. 

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