Monday, February 06, 2017

Short post

Well Lex got the winning team and their score correct.  Not bad for someone who does not crapolla about these things.  Proof positive a blind squirrel  can find an acorn now and then.  But that was really something. Down 25 and come back to score the last 31 points, how does that even happen in the NFL?

The commercials were crapolla as well.  God Bless America sung in everything except English!?  WTF?  Audi ad was BS when they are forced to admit they do pay women equal pay and their board is 12-2 men.  84 lumber ad?  What’s the point?  The only people trying to get into the US illegally are poor women and children?  Two letters and two numbers M & S and 1 & 3 – MS13. 

I suspect the geniuses who came up with ads that dabbed into anything political are regretting this AM.  I do not know a single person who got Sunday morning saying, “Gee hope the Super Bowl is cluttered with a dozen or so politically correct ads that make America look racist, sexist and exclusionary, because after all who wants one day off from politics?” 

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