Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A Wednesday grab bag of topics

Climate Change  Disruption is okay
It was 60 degrees here at the compound yesterday – Feb 8th – and aside from the rain, it was wonderful.  Come to think of it, because it was rain not snow, even the rain was wonderful.  The Global Warm-mongering crowd will use days like yesterday as proof positive that the Earth is warming.  My response to that is, as always, good.  It was below zero here in Nov.  So my thinking is that these things tend to average out.  That’s why it’s an average.  But the Global Warm-mongers take any variation in daily temperature readings of .0001 degrees above (or ironically even below) the average as the clarion call that the world is coming to an end.  11 years ago, AlGore, after telling an audience that the Earth’s core was hotter than the surface of the sun – “several million degrees”, predicted and an end of the world in ten years if we failed to adopt his Chicken Little view of Climate Change Disruption.  Eleven years later, somehow we’re all still here.

We learned that the Global Warm-mongers’ case is so weak that they are once again fixing the data.  So what’s new?  This is ops (operations) normal for warm-mongers.  The lying unelected unaccountable azzbags at NOAA fixed the data for a paper that has been given credit for moving attendees at the Paris Climate Control Accord to needless action.

Let’s face that’s incorrect.  These azzbags needed no paper to move them.  They would vote to choke America’s economy with climate control inspired greenhouse gas hocus pocus if the entire continent were covered in three feet of ice for 10 years.  The goal isn’t a stable climate, which is impossible.  The goal is to destroy America’s economy.  The mechanism is climate change disruption.

Keep in mind that these NOAA azzbags are just like all of the other azzbags that populate government agencies, Veteran’s Admin, EPA, IRS, etc. taking taxpayer money to pay their salaries to turn around and screw the tax payer.

Our government is out of control.  #Draintheswamp.  

Dumber than a hoe handle, but still not the dumbest
When Lex calls Gran Nan from San Fran the dumbest person on earth, it’s hyperbole. The honor of “Dumbest Person on Planet Earth” is always a tossup between Reps Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson depending on which was dumb enough to open their trap last thereby confirming the allegation. 

Watch dumbazz Water’s reaction Grand Nan’s comment.  So you thinking, “Well she has to be smarter than Grand Nan because she caught the mistake.”  Uh, No.  She isn’t.  Watch.  After being prompted on Allepo, the dumbazz confuses Crimea with Korea.  The ball is in your court Hank.

Per Shakespeare: First we kill all of the journalists
MSNBC idiot Joe Scarborough thinks PDJT ought to swear that he won’t have any journalists killed.  I think PDJT should take Joe up on the request with this tweet: “I swear I will not have any honest journalist killed.”  All the MSM journalists will feel threatened.

Last Super Bowl note
Dems say since Falcon’s led most of the game, and the Pat’s never had a lead until the last play of the game, the Pat’s are not legitimate Super Bowl Champions.  Tragically that probably makes sense to them. 

Once you call someone “the worst” no one else can be the worst
Chief Azzclown Chucky Chuckles Scummer called PDJT’s Sec Ed nominee Betsy DeVos the “worst nominee ever”.  She was confirmed yesterday.  So, Chuckles, where do you ramp up the rhetoric from “worst ever”?  Everyone from here forward is supposedly better than someone the Senate has already confirmed.  Soooo, Chucky, what’s next?  “Jeff Session, only slightly better than DeVos.”  EPA nominee Pruitt, “Were it not for Betsy DeVos, the worst nominee ever.”   

Heap Big Squaw Chief Lie-awatha Warren  get um scalped on Senate floor
Fake Indian, feather Indian not dot Indian*, Lizzy Warren got into heap big trouble last night.  While on the warpath against the nomination of Sen Jeff Session, Fauxcahontis  left the reservation of the Senate rules and the President of the Senate told her that she speak um with forked tongue and to return to her TP.  Okay he didn’t put it in those exact words but none-the-less told her to sit down and no speak.  Okay not in those terms either, but he did tell her to sit down.

My sense for this kind of thing is the old adage, “If your opponent is making an ass of themselves, get out of their way.”  They should let these azzbags talk and record every word for the midterms. 

*Yes I realize that’s terribly insensitive so I suspended myself for five minutes to take a leak and get another cup of coffee. 

America’s future
Okay, I’m back.  The future is American.  Not according to Hillary.  Her view is that “the future is female.”  Nice.  That makes me feel better for Lex jr.’s future.  So if I’m interested in my son’s future, I better look for a party that wants a future for ALL Americans.  Hint, it ani’t Demo-Dope.

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