Friday, February 24, 2017

Slouching toward Gomorrah

The usual suspects all have their shorts in a wad over PDJT’s repel of Obama’s requirement that schools receiving federal funds (i.e. all of them) facilitate voyeurism and allow creeps into the women’s room.  Now the caterwauling azzbags in CA and NY are screeching, “We won’t comply!”  Won’t comply with what?  There’s nothing to comply with.  PDJT has removed the requirement to comply.  Thanks to PDJT, states are now free to do as they choose on this issue.  So, GFY.

Who knew that letting men wander into the women’s room would be the next big “civil rights” movement?  My money was on reparations; followed by some sort of government pay out to Mexican families displaced by the Mexican American War; followed by a payment to Chinese families whose ancestors built the Pacific end of the Transcontinental Railroad (No.  Screw the whiter than white Irish.); followed by a payment to women for having their voting rights suppressed; and on and on until the only people not receiving a hand out are the white working class.  I’d never have guessed that Creep access to the women’s room was going to be the cause de jure for the lefty Libs.

You know that this is a fake issue because providing separate facilities for trannies is not enough.  Separate but equal will not do.  No, they must be allowed into the same facility as the women.   Even that wouldn’t be a problem if there were a mechanism where by you could differentiate the trannies from the criminal voyeurs likely to “use the law” to advance their own sickness.   How do you define a trannie that will exclude creeps when the whole argument on the left is that sexual identity is fluid?  I suppose given the fluidity of sex, even a sex offender could feel like a woman on any given day.

The whole thing to me is nuts.  But it is a brave new world.   You know what?  I don’t even care if it’s all true.  Sex identity is a fluid thing.  Sex is determined by biology not your feelings or desires to legally peep on women in the bathroom.  Deal with it until the plumber comes.

Given the high dudgeon Lefty Libs find themselves in over tranny restroom laws, I’m baffled by any outrage over Milo.  Once “pick your sex daily if you like” is normalized, what’s left?  Incest, bestiality and pedophilia would seem to be only things left off the table.  And the normative cry, “I was born that way!” will be issued to silence objections.  I know about being “born that way”.  Left to my own desires, there’s no doubt I was born to be 400 pound alcoholic addicted to Cheetos.  Why isn’t the left out advocating for me?  After all, I was born that way.

Milo, as far as I know, never hurt anyone.  He talked in some tasteless way about pedophilia, but his whole shtick is making obvious points about the left and society while being tasteless.  Tasteless, sadly, is the new norm in these things.  Outrageously edgy is a requirement to get noticed.  Milo is hard to ignore.  While conservatives have jettisoned Milo for his remarks, Lefty Libs are standing by Bill Maher, Lena Dunham and George Taki after they made similar remarks.  I guess that’s what makes us different -some sense of decency.   

My guess is that Milo will be as popular as ever on college campuses.  I hope he self- publishes his book.  I was looking forward to it as it was billed as the serious side of Milo – serious commentary about the state of America without the f bombs and constant references to his black boyfriends.

You know, I just looked at this post.  Have we already slid off the rails?  This could be a daily post from Sodom and Gomorrah

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