Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Super Bowl run up

Super Bowl
Important stuff first. 

Warning: Like most things, I don’t know much about football.  But then no one clicks onto Lex because they think he has an encyclopedic-like knowledge of the things he chooses to post about.  It’s the Super Bowl!  Everyone has an opinion even if that opinion is that they don’t give a crapolla.  So here’s my run down:
I think the teams are pretty evenly matched.  The best offence – Atlanta Vs the best defense – New England.  New England wins 34-17.  Wow, I thought you said they were evenly matched?  Sure, the athletes are, but history shows good defense generally beats good offense.  Also, New England has a huge edge in Super Bowl experience.  Were it not for two miraculous passes and catches by the NY Giants, New England would have 6 Super Bowl wins under Bill Belichick*.  They also have the grudge factor.  Rodger Goodell screwed them.  They know it.  They, meaning owner Robert Kraft, Coach Belichick and the target of Godell’s BS move QB Tom Brady, want to rub Goodell’s nose in a win.  A win, a blow out and Brady as the MVP would be the trifecta for the Patriots. 

*Okay they’d be down one had it not been for Pete Carroll’s boneheaded play call inside the one yard line two years ago.

I’m also intrigued by the political end of this year’s game.  The Patriot’s “big three” supported Trump and have been vilified for it by the sports media – which is every bit an effed up Lefty Lib BS mess as the MSM – for doing so.  The Patriots winning the Super Bowl this year would be like gun sales spiking after a mass shooting during the Obama years.  You have to cheer for the Patriots to get the twofer 1) shove a sharp stick in Goodell’s eye 2) mock the BS MSSM (Mainstream Sports Media).

There you go.  Take it to the bank.  Bet the farm.

Time to resist the resistance
Some know-nothing Hollywood swell, but I repeat myself, named Sarah Silverman is calling on the military to join the anarchist and throw the fascist out.  Umm, seems to me the best time for that plan would have been during the last administration that did dabble in fascism and had a military – at least the Navy – that was being run by BS anti-America, anti-military political hacks.

Her Castro-like revolutionary appeal and her Patton-like razor sharp military acumen aside, It’s unlikely that today’s military, now being led by adults, will support a coup led by Sarah Silverman.

But we should start taking the Lefty Lunatic fringe seriously.  After the violent riots at Berkeley the other day, Leftist shut down a conservative speaker at NYU last night.  Yesterday Gran Nan from San Fran called Trumps right hand man Steve Bannon a white supremacist and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich blamed the riots on Breitbart.  Breitbart, according to these lying sacks of excrement, sponsored the riots so that the right wing would be “justified” in calling for violence.  This after the Demo-Dopes boycotted the inauguration and are now boycotting the congress.  Perfect.  Take a year or four off.  Democrats are acting like the Dallas Cowboys showing up for the Super Bowl Sunday.  NEWS FLASH – YOU LOST.  GET OVER IT.  Someone said that on Fox and Friends this morning.  I thought it was funny.  So there you go.

All of this, it seems to me, is designed to further enrage lefty losers and spur them on to violence.  The Mino leader in the House has accused the president's right hand man of being a white supremacist.  How's that possible?  Sure we called Van Jones a Communist, but he is.  Why isn't there some kind of outrage, if not from the MSM lemmings, from some "moderate" Demo-Dope?

So you have the MSM, lefty politicians and Hollywood swells promoting the idea that it’s okay to punch a Nazi, a white supremacist, a Trump supporter - all of whom they advertise as subsets of the first two, or anyone who isn’t rioting in the streets with them.  Of course the Leftist reserve the right to identify who the Nazis and white supremacist are.   The fact that they are acting exactly like Nazis is apparently totally lost on them and the MSM.

It’s getting dicey out there.  Better buy more ammo and another backup handgun.  Troubled times are upon us.  At some point, people will begin to resist the resistance, or as we call it, self defense.

A random thought
Lefty loons are fond of saying immigration is what made America great.  My contention is America is what made immigration great.  Left to their own devices in the craphole countries they originated from, the immigrants would have spent 98% of their energy trying to turn mud into food and shelter.  Only America let them pursue their dreams and allowed them to develop their God given talents to the fullest.  That last bit may take a bit of refining, but I gotta run.  I hereby swear you in as a one-time Lex editor, fix it yourself.

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