Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We alawys knew it was all about themselves now #NeverTrumpers join with the deep state

Former conservative pundit, Bill Kristol tweeted this:
Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.

YGBSM Bill.  You prefer unelected and unaccountable state bureaucrats to a duly elected President of the United States who can be checked by the legislative and judicial branches, removed via elections or impeachment?  You’d have loved the KGB.  You probably have a poster of Lois Learner on your bedroom wall.

I understand.  You misunderestimated (a little GWB there) PDJT from the start.  You’re embarrassed - rightfully so.  But is your ego really more important than a functioning and accountable government?

Bill, quick, what’s your opinion of Judge Gorsuch?  If you and the #NeverTrump mob had had your way, Hillary Clinton would have made a pick that would have tipped the Supreme Court left for a generation and in the end spelled the end of America as we knew her.  Would you have preferred a socialist state to “the Trump state”?

Here’s what needs to happen.  First, Mitch McConnell needs to fast track Judge Gorsuch.  Get him seated.  What’s the hold up?  Start the hearings and vote.  There is no reason this needs to take months and months.  The court is going to be critical as lefty loons use the courts for what they cannot accomplish at the polls.

Next, PDJT needs to immediately fire everyone working in the federal government who can be fired.  Then PDJT needs an “extreme vetting” program for re-hiring or replacing them.  The best end would probably be to let the positions go vacant.  That plan would accomplish two goals, 1) reduce the size of the government 2) break up the permanent deep state.

Next, DoJ needs to find one of the leakers and throw them in jail for a decade.   

Last, tweet your agenda of security, tax cuts, repeal of Robertscare every day.   Run a day counter with the number of days without congressional action.  As in: 35 days now.  After 8 years of complaining no Robertscare repeal bill?  Paul Mitch get moving.

PDJT, this is serious business.  You are the target.  It isn’t going to end with Flynn.  Demo-Dopes, MSM, Hollywood, sports entertainment, Rat establishment Republican (McCain Grhamnesty et al.), #NeverTrumpers are not going to stop until/if they are crushed in the mid-term elections.

Everything you need to know about Canada in 132 words
After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House, Heat Street conducted a poll:  Where is Canada? A) I don’t know.  B)  Who cares?

I think Canada will become more relevant after PDJT builds the wall along the Mexican border.  While PDJT wants to vet refugees extremely, Trudeau openly welcomes Islamo-Terror-Fascists disguised as “refugees”.  So when the court finally admits that we shouldn’t allow ITF into the country as “refugees” and the southern border is secure, the ITF will wander into Canada.  Once they’ve melted into the massive expanses of Canada, the ITF just might find a way across the vast 4,000+ mile Canadian border with the lower 48.

So, Canada eh, how much do suppose a 4,000+ mile wall will cost, and how will you pay us to build it? 

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