Tuesday, February 07, 2017

America first? Then stop equating us with Putin.

In his interview with Billbo O’Really on Sunday, PDJT compared the US to Russia’s Vlad Putin.   In didn’t like it when Obama trashed the US, and don’t like it when PDJT does.  It’s the like comparing a John Wayne cowboy character to one played by Bruce Dern.  Sure they both carry guns.  They both kill people, but Wayne is the good guy for crying out loud.

For the most part, I think America is good and decent country.  One case that PDJT might have been referring to in his remark was when Obama bragged about droning terrorists - including Americans.  I have no problem with the policy, but bragging about giving the kill orders is a bit off putting for a couple of reasons.  First, Obama probably lacks the skill, courage, cunning, derring-do, etc. to ever pull the trigger on his own.  He subs it out like a rich kid who pays a couple of bullies to beat up the kid dating the girl he likes then brags about being some kind of tough guy.  Next, it all stuff that needs to be done.  Fine.  Talking about it and worse claiming credit for it is totally unnecessary, but it’s exactly what you’d expect from a punk.

All of that said PDJT shouldn’t be in the business of putting America in anything but the best light.  After all he in MAGA business.  Hinting that America ain’t so great and is counterproductive to his goal.  The correct answer to these “Putin’s a thug” questions is, “Well I have no comment about that, but whatever he is, he’s sitting atop a nuclear arsenal.  So I think it is in the world’s best interest that try to get along with the guy.”

Super Bowl LI observations
The lefty Lib outrage at the Patriots win - as if PDJT played in the game – is like winning the election all over again. 

After the game former 49er QB Steve Young sort of laid the blame for the Falcon’s loss at the feet of their MVP QB Matt Ryan.  Well, the Falcon’s had a 25 point lead in the third quarter.  In 99.9999% of NFL games that’s good enough to win.  The Patriots went on to score 31 straight points.  As far as I know, Matt Ryan did not play one down on the defensive side of the ball.  So how the heck can anyone blame Ryan?     

Also consider the Falcon’s last drive.  They had driven the ball well inside field goal range.  A near certain field goal would have put the game out of reach.  A sack on Ryan and a holding call on a subsequent pass play pushed the Falcons out of field goal range.  One analyst pointed out that after the great Julio Jones catch got the Falcons well into field goal range, had they just run the ball three straight times, they’d have reduced the time on the clock and had an 80+% chance of kicking a game clinching field goal.  The Falcon coaching staff learned nothing from the Super Bowl two years earlier, when Pete Carroll tried to catch the Patriots napping with a pass on the goal line.  The Pats picked it off.  Game over.  The Seahawks never had the chance to hand the ball to their bruising all-pro running back Marshawn Lynch.  Note to the league, when you get the Pats down, just run the ball.

An epic defensive let down and poor play calling on the last drive got the Falcons beat.

Stealing Tom Brady's jersey is like stealing the Mona Lisa.  What the hell do you do with it once you have it?  Everyone knows it's stolen? 

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