Thursday, February 09, 2017

End the Circus...court

Ringling Bros. Circus announced that it will end operations in May of this year.  There’s another circus that needs to end.  Irrespective of what the dopes in robes at the 9th Circus Court decide today with regard to PDJT exec order on vetting, one GOP issue for the midterm election should be dissolving and replacing the Circus Court.  The Circus Court is the largest, most out of touch, most reversed, most willfully anti/extra constitutional court in land.  It is an embarrassment.  For Lefty Libs, the Circus Court is like the corner convenience store, whenever they need something in a rush they stop in.  The Circus Court is loaded up with left leaning political ideologues where the law is subordinate to their political agenda.  Hence, the Supreme Court flips the Circus decisions as regularly as the cook an IHOP flips pancakes.

Article I, Section 2, Clause 9 gives the congress the responsibility “to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court.”  Logic tells me if the congress can “constitute tribunals”, they can also dissolve them.  PDJT should campaign for Republicans in states he won handily against Demo-Dope incumbent Senators.  Indian is such a state.  Sen. Donnelly is ripe for an epic azz whipping in the Hoosier state.  PDJT should make it clear that one issue for the new congress after the midterm will be to dissolve the Circus Court.  States with vulnerable Dope senators like MI, IN, MT, ND, OH where should be made to defend the Circus Court.  PDJT and the Rep candidate should make it clear that busting up the Circus Court will be a high priority. 

I don’t think the judges can be fired, but by busting the Circus Court up into three courts, the whaco judges’ activist impact can be diluted and minimized.   Now is the perfect time to do this.  The MSM and Dopes, but I repeat myself, are already twisted into pretzels over so many things, what’s adding one more issue that’ll cause them convulsions?

Of course Chucky Chuckles Scummer and the Dopes will scream, or in Chucky’s case cry, like babies.  No wait.  Babies really do cry.  Chuckles only fake cries.  But that’s what the Dope have been reduced to doing.  Whinning is the only arrow left in their quiver.  When the inevitable meltdown comes over the end of the Circus Court the easy answer will be, “We campaigned on this.  The court’s demise is the will of the people.”

PDJT take on the judiciary
One of the score or so things the Demo-Dopes are clutching their pearls and heading to the fainting couch over is PDJT’s comments on a “so-called judge” and the Circus Court.  Who do these unelected, unaccountable, pampered dopes in black robes think they are?  Of course they can and should be criticized when they replace their political agenda for the law.  As per the above, when they do it consistently, the court should be dissolved.    

Ivanka’s line
Another of the score or so things the Dopes are whining about is PDJT’s defense of his daughter’s clothing line.  What!?  YGBSM!  Like most everything he does, I’m pretty sure this will redound to PDJT’s favor.  What father doesn’t come to daughter’s defense?  He’d be in more trouble if didn’t.

This the perfect opportunity for Ivanka to shed the brick and mortar and go exclusively online.  But I doubt that she needs Lex’s advice on a business decision. 

I needed new barn shoes so went online and bought them from LL Bean.  Bean was targeted for a boycott by lefty loons.  So that is where I decided to shop.  I don’t buy women’s clothes, but I hear they can be comfortable.  So if you do, get out there and buy a pair Ivanka’s shoes.  Well, not “her” shoes.  Her brand of shoes.

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