Thursday, February 16, 2017

If Lefty Libs are going to be so easily outraged, give them a reason

There is something off-putting about lefty Lib vitriol to nearly everything visa vie PDJT, but at the same time there’s something very satisfying in knowing how easily they can be pushed over the edge.  Take a look at the picture above, and then click here to see lefty Lib reaction to it.  Sure Lex took exception to Obama propping his feet up on or plopping his ignorant azz down on top of the national treasure – for the sole purpose, I believe, of maliciously tweaking the sensibilities of people with any sense.   In shorthand, I’ll just say that’s different. 

 Then there’s reaction of the MSM to PDJT calling on reporters outside the MSM during the last three pressers.  What a bunch of crybabies.  First off, when you go the high school reunion do want to sit next to the guy who mocks your hair and weight?  No.  So you just move to the other side of the room and avoid the guy.  That’s what PDJT is doing.  These azzbags are in the business of destroying his presidency.  Why would he call on them?  Why would he assist them in anyway?  The press reaction is to shout, "We bullies will not tolerate being ignored" as they head off to pee in the punch bowl. 

Notice the MSM azzbags are not criticizing the questions per se.  Rather, they have their shorts in a knot because the questions are coming from people outside of what the MSM azzbags believe to be their exclusive club.  The high school equivalent:  The people asking these questions are not in the cool kid club.  Now Obama could do entire interviews with media figures a whole lot less news like than anyone PDJT has called on in the last three pressers without a peep from these azzbags – Flozell Green, Between Two Ferns, Steve Croft, Brian Williams.

PDJT should use the ease with which these people are sent into a tizzy to his advantage.  He should pull their chain every single day.  Park Marine One on the White House lawn and let Barron sit at the controls.  Show Melania carrying a simulation of the “nuclear football” in Ivanka brand heels and fashionable Ivanka business attire (with descriptions, prices and the website to order).  Caption: Melania leads the nation in rushing.  Put out a video of Don Jr. performing a barrel roll with Air Force One.  Show Eric winning the skeet competition (which he would do) and collecting on bets from Secret Service Agents at Camp David.  Have a video of Tiffany playing multiple video games on the screens in the Situation Room. 

Idunno, I guess you’d have to be more subtle.  Nonetheless, it’d be easy to do.

Flynn’s way out
Flynn should have used the lyin’ azz Clapper defense.  Recall when Clapper got caught lying to congress his excuse was that he was protecting national security.  That’s what Flynn should have said.  I had to mislead the VP so he wouldn’t expose national security secrets during his Sunday morning TV show appearances.  

It’s a pretty ironclad excuse and has the additional benefit of having worked before.

The Peoples’ Cube is on fire.  Check out the Valentine’s Day post.  If that doesn't make you laugh, check for a pulse.

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Fred really nailed it today....definitely worth the read.

And National Review did the same on the Flynn travesty: