Monday, February 20, 2017

After 8 years of compliance with BHO, the Maverick is back to oppose the Republican President

Rat establishment Republican John McCain is returning to his anti-conservative roots.  Once a MSM darling when he was a thorn in the side of GWB’s administration, turned MSM Republican boogeyman when he had the nerve to win the Republican nomination and run against “their party’s hero” BHO, McCain is back to courting the MSM’s favor by openly opposing his party’s president.  In high school we called people with such malleable principles/friendships twofaced a-holes.  In the today’s Republican Party they call such people “the leadership” or given his advanced, advanced age and his life time appointment to the senate is it “the eldership”.

After getting his butt kicked in a presidential race he could have easily won had he rejected the 2008 big bank bailout that gave rise to the term “too big to fail” and that we are still paying for, McCain went silent throughout BHO’s 8 years of destroying the country.  Now that a Republican is back in the Oval Office, McCain can no longer be silent.  He travels abroad to trash a US President of his own party.  Because McCain couldn’t and some say didn’t want to win the presidency, he reverts to his true nature of trashing the guy from his party who managed to pull off something he could not.  I think everyone knows the locker room word those kind of people.

McCain has used his admirable Vietnam service to his benefit.  I have no problem with that.  The more veterans in congress the better - to some point - I suppose.   That said McCain’s honorable service doesn’t give him a pass for the rest of his life. Benedict Arnold was a war hero before he sold out his country.  No.  I do not think McCain is a traitor.  But then I do not think he’s that much of a war hero either.  I happen to agree with PDJT’s assessment, I prefer heroes who weren’t captured.   Getting captured by the enemy is not in and of itself heroic.  In many cultures – Japan – it is in fact a disgrace.  But one’s conduct while in captivity can be heroic by repeated efforts to escape, organizing resistance in the prison, refusing to cooperate in manner with the enemy, etc.  The son of a Navy Admiral and having been badly injured during his bail out, McCain was offered and refused a parole.  Good for him.  He did exactly what the code of conduct for captured personnel requires.  Like a couple of million other US personnel who served in Vietnam, he did his duty.  Are they all heroes?  Well they are.  But there are degrees of heroism.  Not every one of the 2 million plus servicemen who served in Vietnam have been accorded the pass that mantel of “hero” has afforded McCain.

Heroism is a funny thing.  Heroism it seems to me is a confluence of training, opportunity and a high regard for those with whom you serve.  There was a kid at our school who could have been a football star.  He could have played fullback, linebacker, tackle, nose guard and about 5 other positions and been a standout at any one or two of them.  He could also kick and punt the ball a mile.  He never had the opportunity.  After his father passed, he was too busy working after school to earn money for his family.  So while we were strutting down the halls of CWHS in our letter jackets, a real hero – Terry Willard – quietly walked the halls in a well-worn t-shirt and blue jeans.

McCain has once again, almost on cue, morphed into a useful idiot of the MSM.  McCain is a MSM darling when trashing a Republican President.  PDJT called the MSM an “enemy of the American people”.  McCain took the opportunity to compare PDJT to dictator for saying that.  I think a reasonable argument can be made for PDJT’s statement.  Should PDJT have said it?  I don’t know.  How about settling for an absolute truism, the MSM is an enemy of the truth.  But there is zero proof or call for McCain’s over the top BS statement.  For McCain though, the mission was accomplished.  He trashed a Republican President and in the process endeared himself to an enemy of the American people.  See what I did there?

Military age men hardest hit

Here's a picture of war torn Middle Eastern refugees.  Military aged men are obviously hardest hit.  Women and children apparently have remained behind to organize the resistance.

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