Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump running well ahead of the quadriplegic press and Dopes trying to catch him

One of the tricks in a good movie chase scene, particularly a comedy, is the car being chased dumping things on to the road in front of the car chasing it.  One of 007’s cars had a deployable oil slick.  The Bowery Boys would dump bubble bath in front of the bad guys to the same end.  On Saturday mornings Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttly could be counted on to dump everything from marbles to coconuts on the road in a vain effort to win a Wacky Race.  Crooks distracted Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wiggum by pitching a doughnut in front of his cruiser.  All good stuff.  HEY!  I’m the one in my PJ’s cobbling this post together this morning.  If I say it’s “all good stuff”.  It is all-good-stuff dang it!

So Donald Trump is running ahead of Chief AzzClown Chuckles Scummer and the MSM.  Every time they close the gap on Trump, he pitches something in front of him.  Trump has pitched cabinet picks Sessions, Tillerson, Devos, Pruitt, Price etc., crowd size non-issues, a voter fraud investigation, stopping TPP, three executive orders a day including an immigration ban, pipeline startups, last might he fired the acting AG, today he announces his Supreme Court pick, the result is Chuckles and the MSM having to make a half dozen whip saw adjustments to their message everyday thwarting their efforts to run Trump down.  Trump is like Usain Bolt running a 100 yard dash while Chuckles and his merry band of azzclowns are Harpo Marx trying to catch him running the 110 hurdles in Harpo’s signature raincoat.   

Trump is sooo far inside Chuckles and the MSM’s OODA Loop on nearly everything he is actually standing still watching them race in ever widening circles around him.  A reverse Coriolis swirl if you will.   

Chuckles and the Dopes – Sung to the tune of Benny and the Jets – are like a blind kid trying to play Whack-a-Mole.  By the time the MSM shouts “UPPER LEFT” and the kid –Chuckles - swings, Trump is long gone.  So today Trump will pop up at 8 pm to announce his Supreme Court nomination.  The MSM will shout “CENTER LEFT”, but by the time Chuckles swings, Trump will pop up in a new spot announcing he’s pulling out of the Paris climate accord.  Now if you think you’ve seen Dope meltdowns to this point, wait until Trump tells us he’s dumping the stupid Paris climate agreement.  Oh the humanity!

Ooookay we’ve gone from quadriplegics, to movies and cartoons, to track and field, to the OODA Loop, to Whack-a-Mole with Coriolis swirl and Hindenburg references.  At least I stayed away from the tired over used:  Trump’s playing chess.  Chuckles and the Dopes are playing checkers metaphor.  Well I did until just then.  If you don’t get it by now, seriously, it’s you not me.

Keaton worries about Trump’s EO on immigration is a recruiting tool for ISIS.  
Hollywood swell Michael Keaton believes DJT’s EO on immigration will be an effective recruiting tool for ISIS.  Phew, I was wondering if a Hollywood know-nothing would ever get around to telling me what to think about all of this.  Keaton’s is a stupid argument akin to some idiot telling us the EO will lead to the Islamo-Terror-Fascist hating us.  Uh, note to dumbazzes:  THEY-ALREADY-HATE-US!!  Exit Question:  What was the recruiting tool for 9-11 and the 8-10 Islamo-Terror-Fascist attacks on the West every year dating back to the Barbary Pirates?

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