Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Leftist snowflakes are going to have a very bad year - I hope

There I was, minding my own *amn business, when I ran across this piece by Peter Holly of the Washington Compost.  The gist of the article is that after a college “professor” called Trump’s election “an act of terrorism”, the “professor” became the target of some harassment.  The only reason anyone outside the students trapped in her classroom knew anything abut this crybaby is because one of the students recorded the unhinged lefty’s comment on a cell phone.  The video went viral and then the “professor” had to retreat to a “safe place” because the backlash included mean phone calls and e-mails. 

Mr. Holly went so far as to claim the “professor” herself “became the victim of terror.”   What!!  E-mailing and calling a bonehead college “professor” names is now “terror?”  YGBSM.  So I e-mailed Pete this love note:

Dear Mr. Holley:

I read your 1,800 plus word puff piece on Professor Cox.  Is there a chance, like so many other “Trump hate” stories, Professor Cox has manufactured some of the “hate” herself?  We know the “vote Trump” church burning story was fake.  We know the “Trump hijab shaming” story was fake.  I suspect that some if not all of the hate directed at Professor Cox is coming from her fellow travelers on the Left. 

Just curious, did you report, or are you working on a similar story on the unhinged Left’s threats against Republican Electors?   

Cox is a “victim of terror”, really?  As unfortunate as the harassment Cox is enduring is, it isn’t exactly being blown up by a roadside IED, trying to escape a burning high rise after someone flew a plane into it, having her head cut off in an ISIS video, being gunned down at a Christmas party, a night club or a deployment briefing on a military installation. 

If you are truly into this kind of thing – harassment of free speech on campus, and you really want to see hate, narrow mindedness and violence on display (no, I won’t say “terror”, because that would be absurd) do a story on a Milo visit to just about any American campus. 

That's a silly notion.  How would a story on Milo being harassed by intolerant Leftist advance the Left's agenda?  That in a nutshell is why yours, thankfully, is a dying business. 


Well much to my surprise Pete took the time to e-mail back.  Here’s his response:


I didn't say she was a victim of terror -- she did. I'll let readers decide whether she's delusional and strange or legitimately suffering.

I am curious why you're troubled by a story about furious internet trolls targeting someone? They're not reps of the trump campaign and I never implied as much. But you interpret the story as a "trump hate" story. That's interesting. 

My guess is -- like the rest of the Breitbart folks that emailed me -- you're unable to read a story without imprinting your binary view of American culture onto it. You no longer see a professor who, regardless of her political affiliation, doesn't deserve death threats for making controversial political statements. You see an agent of liberalism picked up by the left wing to advance the liberal agenda. It's nearly conspiratorial. 

That thought bubble also explains why you think journalism is dying when metrics outside of regional papers show just the opposite:

There were several inaccuracies in Pete’s response so I responded to his response:   

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I did not expect that.

I cannot find anywhere in the article where Professor Cox claims to be a "victim of terror."   The only place I can find it appears in the headline (That’s supposed to tell me what the story is about – right?) without attribution or quotation marks. 

I’m not sure what to make of the rest of your e-mail.  To the extent that I am “troubled” by your piece, it’s by the double standard that exists in these things.  Again, have you written about or do you intend to write about Republican Electors threatened by Leftist?

Nor do I think your piece is “Trump hate.”  I simply asked if it is possible that much of the animosity directed at Professor Cox might be coming from the same type of people who spray paint “vote Trump” on their own church before setting it ablaze or file false police reports about “Trump supporters” demanding that she remove her hijab. 

As a guy who has traveled around the world in both directions, I think my “thought bubble” is at least as big as most.  That said, I have little use for “trolls” who threaten anyone for doing their job while hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.  Again, are you going to tell the story of a Republican Elector?

If Professor Cox’s experience can be seen as chilling free speech on campus, what do you make of the Left’s treatment of Milo?  Double standard? 

With regard to the thriving print media business, I am sure you are correct.  It will all become crystal clear in the next 10 years.

Best of the New Year to you,

When I didn’t hear from Pete again, I sensed he was not going to respond to my response to his response so I responded to is non-response (That was supposed to be a kind of joke - overworking the word “response” - get it? - but actually I think it turned out pretty clear.):


P.S.  Your knee jerk reaction to attribute my “troubles” with your piece to Breitbart is an indication that you may want to check your own “thought bubble.”  That said, it’s really good to know that, now nearly 5 after his death, Andrew Breitbart is still driving Leftist mad while living rent free inside their heads. 


I haven't heard another word from Pete.  It really is very satisfying to know how easy it is to chase these lefty libs under a rock.  Poor “Professor” Cox.  Like most lefty libs, she can dish it out, but when something does not fit in perfectly with her world view the snowflake melts.  

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