Monday, January 09, 2017

Lex uncovers Left's tactic of name calling on local fish wrap's editorial page

Looking over the back and forth on the Presidential Election results as captured on the editorial page of the local fish wrap, something has caught my eye.  When a conservative, like Lex, writes to point out Trump’s Electoral College landslide, MSM bias, two party establishment lock-step or just about anything else we are met with rebuttals calling us angry sexist homophobic racist unchristian haters.

Here’s a prime example.  Rich Polk wrote the letter under:

Get over it! Hillary Clinton lost not because of the Russians, FBI, or Martians; it was because she was outworked and outcampaigned by Donald Trump. This despite her having billions of bucks in her war chest and almost the total support of the so-called mainstream media – an oxymoron for sure. Excuses won’t hack it. The privileged, obscenely wealthy, radical, leftist, intolerant, revisionist “elite” are now going to be governed by, get this, a billionaire. Ironic! Take a pause from eating your livers and get around to being objective, unbiased news organizations/journalists. A tall order but you can do it – or maybe not.
Rich Polk

Then in the Friday edition, Mr. Polk’s letter elicited this response from one Therese Boomershine:

An unchristian outburst
I usually read the letters and either laugh them off or wonder what that person was thinking. But in response to Rich Polk’s letter (“A reckoning for media,” Dec. 28), I truly feel very sorry for him that he has such hatred for his fellow man that he would write such a disgusting letter. Anyone who has this much hatred for their fellow man, regardless of their party affiliation, needs to look within themselves and find the demons. No Christian I know says anything like what Polk wrote.
Therese Boomershine 

I have looked at Polk’s letter 8 ways to Sunday and can find not a word in it to conclude he professes to be a Christian.  Nor do I find anything in it “disgusting”.  Boomershine’s letter is proof positive that the snowflakes are going to melt when confronted with the truth.  Not that Polk needs my help, I sent a letter to the fish wrap indicating that I was on to their and their unhinged Lefty letter writing allies’ tactic – avoid the issue and sling accusations of hateful racism etc.  Here’s the note:

Boomershine ought to remove the beam from her own eye
Therese Boomershine (in a Jan 6th letter) alludes that Rich Polk is unchristian for thoughts conveyed in his accurate letter taking on the sorry state of journalism in America exposed by Wikileaks and the recent election (published on Dec 28th).

The defining belief of Christians is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I read Mr. Polk’s letter and cannot find one thing in it that defines Mr. Polk’s religious beliefs as Christian or otherwise.  I don’t know his faith nor would I consider questioning it without ironclad proof.

It’s ironic that by judging Mr. Polk to be unchristian without a scintilla of evidence, it is Ms. Boomershine who is on the wrong side of scripture.  “Stop judging, that you may not be judged.” MT 7:1

Deprived of any logical arguments to advance their agenda, Leftist are reduced to calling people “unchristian” when it is they who misuse scripture, or “childish” when, after losing an election, it is they who are acting like a 6 year old brat throwing a tantrum over a lost game of Hungry Hippos, or “ignorant” when it is they who cannot grasp the fundamentals of federalism and republican government, or “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic” et al when it is they who insist on identity politics of grouping people by the color of their skin, sex or sexual orientation et al rather than the content of their character. 

Then there’s the Left’s catchall for any thought that veers one mil left or right of their own way of thinking – hate.  If you don’t agree with them, you must be an angry hater. 

None of the toxic verbiage spewed by leftist is designed to promote a logical argument.  It’s all a Trigglypuff-like heckler’s veto in the guise of free speech designed simply to shut the other side up.

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