Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bradley Manning deal should surprise no one

Bradley Manning will be a free man – sort of – in four months thanks to The Empty Suit.  You might recall Manning was the guy who pilfered several thousands of pages of highly classified military material and then turned the secrets over to Wikileaks.  Wikileaks published the material.  Now TES has commuted the treasonous bastard’s sentence.  Well, if a guy is willing to trade five Islamo-Terror-Fascist generals for a deserter/traitor, we shouldn’t be shocked if the same guy lets a treasonous fruit loop off the hook.

One of the odd things about this case, other than Manning hasn’t already faced a firing squad, is the hyper ventilating by some over others refusing to refer to him as a her.  Screw treason!  According to these azzbags the real crime in all of this Manning mess is cis gender Neanderthals like Lex refusing to join the scam and call the dude a dudette.

Now the same blubbering idiots who take Lex to task for refusing to humor the crazy guy who insists on being called a gal will be all up in his face because he refuses to accept the “settled science” of global warming.  So for these morons the global warming hoax is “settled science” but determining the sex of an individual is so ambiguous that a person can actually float between male and female pretty much at will.  Apparently science has no place in the biology class.  Weird huh?  

I don’t doubt that Manning think he’s a woman.  Crazy people have crazy thoughts.  I once had a Marine who thought he was a biker.  He dressed like one with the boots, the all black shirts, jackets etc., chains and bandannas.  He talked about Harley Davidson bike related stuff all the time, but it turned out he didn’t own a motorcycle.  The discovery that he didn’t even own a Vespa let alone the vintage Harley Davidson Panhead that he claimed didn’t change his persona one bit.  Some of the Marines would just go along with the guy, others would tell him, until he rode a Harley through the front gate, to STFU about it.  I don’t know that the kid ever did get a Harley.  One of the sergeants who tolerated the BS told me that while the guy didn’t own one, he knew lot about them and was a pretty source of info about Harleys.  I hope the kid finally got one.  Oh and didn’t kill himself on it.

But Lefty Liberal hypocrisy regarding Bradley Manning does not stop at the “settled science” of sex non-assignment.  The Demo-Dopes are also in high dudgeon, demanding blood and calling into question the electoral process because of the leaking of John Podesta’s e-mail by Wikileaks.  So, outing sources and methods of ongoing combat operations is pardonable offence but exposing Demo-Dopes bigoted opinions of the American people and their clannish relationship with the lapdog MSM requires senate hearings and turning the country on its head.  I can see the Dope bumper sticker now – Free Manning Bomb Russia.  It’s all a very sensible, logical and reasonable – if you’re an idiot.

There are still 2 ½ days left for The Empty Suit to crap all over us as he heads out the door of the White House.  Does anyone seriously believe that this petulant brat won’t take full advantage of that opportunity?  Brace yourselves Mr. & Mrs. America.  There’s more to come.

UPDATE:  The Architect of the Capitol has removed the “art work” depicting a cop as a pig.  The “art work” is reportedly on its way to a display with clock boy’s fake clock, pictures of John Lewis at George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration, Cambodian War hero John Kerry’s famous beret, sheets off the bed of the Russian hotel where DJT stayed, literature from the 9-11 “spontaneous demonstration” in Benghazi and the Nov 9, 2016 special edition of Newsweak declaring Shrillda the Hutt “Madam President”.

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