Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cont. what we know about Russian hacking/influence campaign

Okay where were we?  Oh yeah, what we know about Russian hacking/medaling.

We know that The Empty Suit has been in charge of cyber security and the US response to hacks.

We know that there were no particularly abrasive words or reactions to any Russian hacking before Shrillda the Hutt lost the election – then all hell broke loose.

We know TES tried to influence the Israeli election and that was okay.

We know TES tried to influence the BREXIT vote and that was okay.

From all that I suppose we know that, according to TES, it’s perfectly okay for him to influence the elections of our friends but we’re supposed to be shocked to learn our enemies are trying to do the exact same thing to us that TES did to our friends.  Huh?

17 US intelligence agencies concur that the Russians tried to influence the elections.

I think we know that the intell community can screw just about anyone if they put their mind to it.  Head Dope Clownboy Chuckie Scumer let the cat out of the bag last night:  Scumer said, “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you. So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he is being really dumb to do this.”  I f this true then could the latest Trump frenzy about golden showers in a Russian hotel room be payback from the intell community?

So now we’re supposed to accept the word of a bunch of vindictive neurotic snoops about something TES should have taken care of 7 ½ years ago.

I think I know that the Russian hacking story is pure BS.  It’s been on-gong for…well forever, but the Dopes and the MSM only care about it when Shrillda the Hutt gets her XXX azz kicked.  

Things we don’t know about Russian hacking 
Why do we have 17 intelligence agencies?  The simple answer is: 16 is too few.  18 is too many.  I am told that the agencies all do different things, work different issues and areas of intell.  Okay fine.  How is it then that they all agree on this issue?  Shouldn’t at least one or two of the agencies abstain because the issue is outside their agency’s area of concern?

How do you get 17 government agencies to agree on anything?

We don’t know how so much protected “intell” is making its way into the MSM.  Either the intell agencies are leaking it (see Scumer comment) or Demo-Dopes who received the briefing are leaking it, or Trump is leaking it to stay in the fore.

I think think the latest story is total BS.  Here's why.  The trick isn't to get a couple of whores to pee in someone's hotel bed after they check out.  The trick is to get them to pee in the bed before they check in.

Now if that was the allegation - Trump got the whore to pee in TES's bed before he checked in so he'd be sleeping in it, it would be kudos to Trump.

Jeff Session’s response to Demo-Dopes
So the Demo-Dopes are in high dudgeon over Jeff Sessions’ alleged racist past.  I wonder if it would be bad form for Sessions to mention that he’s happy to see the Dope’s new found opposition to racism since the death of their former Senate Leader and Grand Kleegle of the KKK Robert Byrd.   Or the Democrat record on race since the Civil War.

Slaves were freed because of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party is the party of secession,

The Democratic Party is the party of Confederate flag,

The Democratic Party is the party of apartheid (Jim Crow),

The Democratic Party is the party of abortion on-demand which has killed more black babies than were born in NYC in 2014,

The Democratic Party is the party of "high tech lynchings" of blacks who have the nerve to leave the left's plantation,

The Democratic Party is the party of ensuring poor black families are denied the opportunity to select the school they think best for their children,

The Democratic Party that has done such a marvelous job with the African American community that 73% of black babies are born out of wedlock, 60% of black 4th graders cannot read, and 54% of all violent crime is committed by black males between the ages of 15-24.

Best parody of celeb hectoring videos - ever

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