Thursday, January 26, 2017

Voter fraud? Of course there is voter fraud.

The one thing in all of this voter fraud business that is absolutely true – there is voter fraud in American elections.  So Trump’s statement is a truism in that regard.  There is fraud in the American election process.  The only argument is to what degree? 

I think voter fraud is no more difficult to find than flaws with that person that you were infatuated with in high school or college.  The flaws are there.  They are not difficult to find when you go looking.  You just have to be willing to look for them.  The only real question is how many are you willing to tolerate. 

Straight line argument
There’s fraud in American elections.
The fraud benefits Demo-Dopes by-and-large.
Trump wants to expose the fraud and stop it.
Dopes want to continue the fraud and expand it.
Trump says he’d have won the general election popular vote were it not for 3-5 million illegal votes.
Dopes howl and ask why Trump isn’t investigating massive voter fraud.
Trump says he’ll investigate.
Dopes howl because Trump says he’ll investigate.
Trump points out MSM and Dopes asked for the investigation.
Dopes and Trump know when it is looked for, voter fraud exists.
If even just one case of fraud is turned up, Trump wins.

Short version:  The MSM and their champions the Dopes are howling because Trump has said election fraud will be investigated, per their request.  The investigation cannot help but turn up fraud.  Once any bit of fraud is found and documented no matter the degree, Trump wins…again. 

And consider this, the same bunch with their shorts in knots over “possible Russian influence” in the election are poo pooing the undeniable absolute fact that there is Dope sponsored voter fraud committed in every election.  It makes no sense.

Instead of turning on Trump, the smart thing to do would have been to concede the point, but insist, because it’s so insignificant, it makes no difference.  The beautifully diabolical thing to do would have been to admit – with a smile – Trump is right and let it lay.  But the Dopes have to protect the lie that Trump’s win was illegitimate so they protested, too much.  Now there’s going to be an investigation.  How hard do you suppose DoJ will have to work to pick at the voter fraud scab in Dope controlled cities like Cleveland, Detroit, LA, Chicago and NY before it starts bleeding verifiable case after verifiable case of voter fraud?

By stumbling into DJT’s trap the Dopes have exposed their voter fraud operations to scrutiny.   Here are some links to voter fraud that, according to the Dpes and MSM apparently does not exist.

For Dopes jobs aren’t enough.  They must be “permanent” jobs.
Ever since DJT announced the restart of the Keystone/Dokota Pipelines Dopes have been grousing about the decision.  Among other things, Dopes are *itching about the Keystone/Dakota pipeline jobs because the construction jobs are “temporary”.  Uh, aside from Teddy Kennedy’s “big dig” self-licking ice cream cone never ending construction jobs in MA, there’s no such thing as “permanent” construction jobs.  When the construction is complete, the people working on the construction move on to new construction. 

Note to Dopes:  My first real job was cleaning out dog kennels twice a day for $1 an hour.    Thank goodness that job wasn’t permanent.

RIP MTM “Take off glasses.  Look concerned.”  MTM Show aficionados get it. 

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