Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's warmer than ever, or is it

Oh nooooo.  The world is turning into a cinder before our very eyes.  Every year it seems is 100 degrees hotter than the year before according to NOAA and NASA.  How can everything be getting so hot?   Why is warm weather a bad thing?  Why was it -7 in Ft. Wayne in Nov?  What does science tell us about all of this?  Screw scientist, what do the Hollywood swells tell us to think about this?

Here’s what the Washington comPost has to say about the latest report.  I was just about to trade in my Carhartt’s and boots for a swimsuit and pair of flip flops when I ran across this.      

It will surprise absolutely nobody to learn that Lex don’t know nothing ‘bout no global warming.  BUT, I do know this.  If I’m feigning a broken leg to get out of cutting the grass, Mrs. Lex better not catch me playing a pick game of hoops in the back yard.  The Global Warm-mongering crowd has been caught so many times lying through their butts in addition to just plain making $h!t up about global warming, why the hell would anyone believe a word of what they say? 

Then there’s ol’ Lex stand by.  If the azzbags (AlGore) who supposedly believe this crapolla won’t cut back on their private airplane trips to Davos to complain about Lex bar-B-Qing in the back yard, why the heck should I – a skeptic - turn vegan and ride a bike so the azzbags can feel good about hopping their G-6 for a weekend party 10 miles away?

Well the Lefty Lib azzbags know the global warm-mongering scam – like taxes – only works if the middle class are the ones being screwed and soaked.  The “rich” are rich for a reason.  99.9% have earned their money because they are smarter, savvier, harder working, more talented and/or have honed their talent to a degree the average guy hasn’t.  There is a reason they are the “top” 1%.  Because the “top” 1% is only…what… about 1% of the population, there are not enough of them to make a difference in global warming or for that matter the federal treasury.  The only way to change the equation is to target the 99%, because that is where the carbon and the money is.

Well this thing kinda skidded off the rails.  I think conflating middle class carbon usage with middle class taxes didn’t work out the way I thought it would.  But it’s all true. 

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