Friday, January 20, 2017

The day of American renewal is upon us

We should start out day with our National Anthem, so here’s a reprise of Madison Rising’s kick butt version to get you revved up this morning.  It never gets old.

I’m up at the butt crack of dawn with anticipation of the inauguration.  Well that and old man’s disease got the best of me - I had to get up to pee and just stayed up to get my chores done, take a short run and get lunch ready before noon.
Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as America’s 45th President today at noon.  Hallelujah.  New flags have been put out at the compound for the occasion.  The golden ring of the election is (perhaps) a couple of Supreme Court nominations.  If DJT sticks to his pledge to pick from his list of 21 nominees, America may be around for another generation or two.   If that’s all that “we” get from this, it will all have been worth it.

So how did we get here?  Click here and scroll down to the video.  Watch it, and then ask yourself, how long does schadenfreude last?  Maybe as long as 8 years.

Notice not everyone in that clip was a lefty Lib loon.  If you’re a Fox News fan, you probably recall the rather tiresome “Candidate Casino” segment on Special Report.  Upon entering, DJT got zero bets and was a laughing stock.  After the first Republican debate, Charles Krauthammer said that the debate proved one thing, Donald Trump’s campaign was dead.   None of DJT’s success or their own spectacular failures to get any of it right ever gave any of the know-it-alls pause about telling DJT what he should have done as the Republican nominee or what he ought to do as President.  The unapologetic know-it-alls are perfectly comfortable telling us what a conceited braggart DJT is when they cannot bring themselves to say, “Well I’ve been wrong – uh make that spectacularly wrong - about everything about Trump, so I’m just going to sit down and STFU now.”  No. They just keep right on talking.

I don’t know how successful DJT’s Presidency will be.  The Ramirez cartoon of Presidential Roulette is still trapped in my mind.  I am more hopeful today than I have been.  The transition seems to have gone fairly well.  The cabinet nominees – Mattis in particular – are all highly successful and impressive people. 

My advice to Trump is to trust none of the Caligula, D.C. establishment azzbags – particularly the Rat establishment Republicans azzbags, and go at two hundred miles an hour.  One thing we know about the Caligula, D.C. crowd is that about 98% of them are allergic to work.  The harder Trump works, the less likely anyone in Caligula, D.C. will be able or willing to keep up.

Advice to Republicans is, as always – ride the Trump tiger. 

For former President Obama:  Good luck and good bye.

I caught part of the MAGA Concert last night from the Lincoln Memorial.  I missed the end, so I went back to catch it here.  If you missed it, the entire show is here.  If you don’t have time, make sure to pick it up at 2:02:05 mark – very inspirational.  I told Mrs. Lex that Trump probably bought Hillary’s cancelled election night fireworks at 10 cents on the dollar for this part. 

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