Friday, January 13, 2017

Lex art work 66% off

They say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Well, I can’t paint a picture so I’m going to try to describe what I’d paint if I could.  Some kid won a congressional “art” contest by depicting a cop as a pig.  The fight began soon after a Dope congressman hung the painting in the Capitol Building.  Republicans took it down.  Dopes put it back up.  Repeat.   

I would counsel against removing any piece of art from the walls of the Capitol.  If Dopes want to protect anti-police artwork let them.  Next, the painting is by some mino kid who won an “art” contest.  By taking it down, Reps look like rich, powerful, white guys peeing on some poor mino kid who lacks the means to fight back.  Next, it just calls attention to piece that Reps don’t want to .

Make you’re on art work to counter it.  Have some kid paint a picture of black dope smoking thug threatening a peaceful neighborhood with a white cop standing between the thug and the people in neighborhood. 

If could paint, I’d paint this

Large red, white and blue background in the shape of the USA.

On the southern border
A man with orangeish hair is constructing a wall.  Part of the wall is done.  In that part, the Islamo-Terror-Fascists, dope dealers and gang bangers pile up on the southern side, while people on the north side enjoy a peaceful park scene.  In the area where the wall isn’t complete, the ITF, dope dealers, and gang banger stream across into run down border town.  Fat politician types hand them bags of cash with “entitlements” written on them and a pamphlet that reads “Vote Dope”.  Fat Oliver Warbucks business type men direct them to ghettos and below minimum wage jobs.  Americans wait in an unemployment line.

On the left coast
At Sanctuary City, Hollywood swells party inside a gated community with armed guards oblivious to the chaos just outside the gate created the stream of bad actors flooding across the un-walled portion of the southern border. 

On the East coast
Caligula, D.C. is depicted as a swamp overrun by pigs wallowing in money.   There are D-pigs and R-pigs.  They are identical.  They wallow together.  Baltimore is a crap hole with a thin blue line between the anarchy and the civilized sections.  New York is a city collapsing in on itself as it is being sucked down a swirling vortex.  The UN building is an island where dictators and thug escape the vortex.  Rex Tillerson sits atop a bulldozer awaiting the go ahead to push the UN building into the East River.

Middle America
While the coasts and the southern border are awash with activity, the middle of the country moves on seemingly unaware.  Things are produced.  Police help people.  Life is relatively good.  People on the coasts and in Caligula, D.C. have their backs to the center of the country.

Chicago is mound of dead bodies

Well that what I’d paint.  My picture isn’t worth a 1,000 words.  It’s been discounted about 66% at about 300 words.  Mine isn’t a very good picture to begin with.  Maybe a stick figure rendition.

Dopes/MSM do what Russian hacking couldn’t
IMHO the real intent of the Russian hacking, to the extent that there was Russian hacking, was designed to sow mistrust among Americans with their electoral system rather than to aid a particular candidate.  By pushing the narrative that the Russians did “hack/influence” our election – the influence part of the equation I believe is very near zero – the Dopes and MSM are doing the Russian’s work for them by sowing doubt about the election with their endless whining.     

Conspiracy Theory 1-17
The Dopes and the MSM are pushing the Russian hacking story so the feds can get their hands on the election system.  Who runs federal government?  Dopes by and large.  Once they convince Mr.  & Mrs. America that the feds need to be in charge of all of the election apparatus to prevent foreign intervention, then the Dopes can commit the type of voter fraud they have always dreamed of.  They will be able to pour the necessary votes in from a centralized location instead of having to have operatives in 1,000s of precincts.    

Slow Joe Biden awarded Medal of Freedom with Distinction
Total BS.  Having your politically inspired crony boss hang an award on you is meaningless.  It might have actually meant something had Slow Joe waited for the next president to do the honors. 

Biden is an idiot.  He’s been wrong on every issue for 30 years.  He’s a mean spirited, lying, plagiarizing political hack.

The ultimate insult is that Slowest of all Joes Biden is only the 3rd American in 30 years to receive the medal with distinction.  YGBS.  Slow Joe Biden?  That’s the best we can do?  In a rare moment of understated truth a weepy Biden uttered, “I don’t deserve this.”

If forced make a recommendation for who should have gotten Biden’s medal, I’d offer up KalaMueller posthumously.   What did Biden do to save Mueller?

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