Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The "peaceful protest" don't sound or seem peaceful when the rhetoric and actions of the mob are violent

Soros funded commie bastard anarchists – or as we refer to them on this page Demo-Dopes - protesting at the inauguration on Friday and the women protesting…um…well, everything on Saturday are still hot topics for comment.  I think this Andy Swan tweet sums up how a lot of Americans feel about Friday/Saturday protesters.

I don’t much care if pampered rich kid protesters, know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing Hollywood swells and unemployed rabble rousers show up in Caligula, D.C. to express their displeasure at the rest of us being free.   If that’s what floats their boats, go for it. 
That said when these azzbags start assaulting people and causing property damage they should be thrown in jail.  On Friday the D.C. police took a page from the Baltimore mayor’s office on how to handle the protesters – contain them.  That’s a total BS strategy for those who happen to own a business or be unfortunate enough to be caught inside the “containment area.” 

The strategy might have been to never let the mobs form in the first place.  In the military we call it a preemptive or spoiling attack.  When out numbered, the defensive force strikes out and attacks the enemy in his assembly areas to disrupt their preparations for attacks.  One for the most effective spoiling attacks came in Vietnam when the political officer of  a NVA unit was picked off by a sniper as he was telling the unit how scared the Americans were of them and how much more superior they were to the Americans, just before his head exploded like an overripe melon at a Gallagher show.

Crush them when they are small.  Arrest them as the public nuisances that they are and release them at noon on Monday.  Well, Lex how do you know if they are peaceful protesters or “rabble rousers?”  If they are wearing a mask they are probably the latter.  If they are dressed in all black and running in gangs, they are probably the latter.

Look we all know who make up the 10% of azzbags at work, in the neighborhood, at the family picnic etc.  We can walk into a bar and in about 2 seconds know whether or not to turn around and leave.  When we pull off the highway, we can judge whether or not a neighborhood is safe.  My sense is that the Cops who deal in this crapola every day have pretty good sense about who the trouble makers are.  THAT’S PROFILING!!! the snowflakes will scream.  Sure it’s profiling, but the perps are mostly white so who cares?
After watching and listening to some of things the unhinged Lefties are doing and saying, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a total waste of money investing in that sporting rifle.  These people seem intent on anarchy.  I think the police need to be a bit more aggressive in dealing with these azzbags or certainly the violence and intimidation will spread. 
I recall a small group of students bent on after hour’s frivolity at the OSU one Halloween night.  As the crowd gathered, a couple of Columbus’s finest showed up.  One drunk guy made the mistake of saying, “Hey look! A couple guys dressed up as pigs.”  One cop grabbed the guy by the throat with one hand and cracked the kid in the head with the nightstick in the other hand.  The crowd immediately dispersed.    
I’m fairly sure if the police took a harder line and the courts threw the human garbage in jail for 3-5 for committing assaults and property damage, the commie snowflakes would think twice about engaging in criminal behavior.  If there is no penalty for gangs of Leftist thugs beating people and destroying property the behavior will continue. 
And, as President Obama might say, uh, um let me, uh, be clear, umm, I’m not talking about stealing campaign yard signs.  This is serious stuff.  Cars being burned, windows being shattered, businesses being shut down, people who are not 100% in lockstep with the anarchist’s lunacy being beaten are felony crimes and should be treated as such. 

ASIDE: Doesn’t that last one - people who are not 100% in lockstep with their lunacy being beaten – sound a lot like the tactics of the Islamo-Terror-Fascists?
Oh, and for all of the “ladies” carrying those incredibly creative “Hands off my uterus” signs at Saturday’s rally.  I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll keep my hands off your uterus if you keep your hands off my wallet and pay for your own damn abortion and birth control.

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