Thursday, January 05, 2017

Thank goodness we have another one of those thoughtful celebrity videos to tell us what to think

Riding the tide of their successful video imploring Electoral College electors to abandon Donald Trump, an effort that resulted in more electors abandoning Shrillda the Hutt (D’oh) than Trump, washed up and C list celebs have put together another one of those terribly effective political videos this time ranting to congress to stop DJT.  This is surefire.  After all what thinking person doesn’t form their opinions based on the emotions of pampered know-nothing celebs who earn a living by saying what other people to tell them to say – with feeling?

Where were these people in 1973?  All we needed was one of these guaranteed to succeed videos to avoid the embarrassment that is the designated hitter rule in American League Baseball.  Just one word from Sally Field in a video of stars would have given the powers that be in basketball pause about instituting the 3 point line.  Had Sean Penn just piped up in a video, the lights never would have come on at Wrigley Field.  Had Jordi Lafarge objected to closing the south end of Ohio Stadium, the Horseshoe would still be a Horseshoe.   

Simply put there is nothing know-nothing has-been celebs cannot accomplish by ranting to us surfs in a video where they each say the same word over and over.  Only an idiot can’t see that. 

I just wonder why they don’t move to Syria and produce a “It’s Time for World Peace Video”?  Wouldn’t that solve everything – including the need for more celeb videos? 

The Empty Suit awards himself Distinguished Public Service Medal
You gotta love this.  At TES’s farewell to the troops speech (the troops dubbed it the good riddance to TES speech), SecDef Carter awarded TES the Distinguished Public Service Medal.  I don’t know what to make of this.  There’s absolutely no benefit to Carter to do such a thing.  The time for sucking up to TES has long passed for Carter.

Here’s the thing.  In the military it is poor form and looked upon very skeptically when an underling submits an award for his boss.  The only thing that would be more suspicious is a two man patrol that results in each submitting the other for a Medal of Honor.  America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero John Frenchie Kerry chimed in TES’s medal with these pertinent questions, “What?  Why only one DPSM?  I always submitted myself for three at a time.”

That, I guess, would be the ultimate farce if TES had taken the Kerry route and submitted the award for himself.  Aren’t there some things that just go without saying?  Ice is cold.  Fire is hot.  TES is an idiot.  The President of the United States is a distinguished public servant.  But hey it’s 2017.  All of the boys get trophies.  Besides, it will balance the unearned awards display at the TES presidential library.  The Nobel Peace Prize – speaking of a farce - on one side the DPSM on the other.

Aside:  For 8 years Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit has run TES’s many unilateral military actions, inactions and droneings under the ironic headline:  Peace Prize Update

But wait there’s more
TES took the time to impart more of his wisdom on us.  The genius told the trop that women are “at least as strong as men.”  Well that explains the 50 -50 split of women - men linebackers in the NFL.  It also explains why Title IX is so important – because men and women are physically equal so we needed a law telling us.  It also explains why the WNBA is popular as the NBA.  No.  Wait.  When left to vote with their own money, Americans do not support women’s sports.  They have to have the money confiscated from them by the government and given to inferior women’s programs.  No offence to women’s programs.  Skating and gymnastics ae not my thing.

I suspect that TES conflating physical strength with mental strength.  If that’s the case, TES make the argument for a division labor among men and women based on their physiology.  Just say women “are at least as strong as men” does not make it so and is Undistinguished Public Service to say it is. 

Violent racist Trump supporters
Lex renewed his conversation with Peter Holly of “Professor” Cox victim of terrorism fame in the post below.  I sent him this link with this note:

Poor “Professor” Cox.  Violent racist Trump supporters strike again.  No.  Wait.

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