Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday morning round up

The real election hack

Trump Vs. Lewis or Truth Vs. BS
Sore loser John Lewis is taking up the Demo-Dope MSM mantra that Donald Trump is an “illegitimate president”.  So, John Lewis is not going to attend DJT’s inauguration.  Boo effing hoo.  Who cares?  I hope all the Dopes sit at home and pout.  The average IQ at the event will go up 50 points.

More than “being illegitimate” in his small mind, what is probably bothering John Lewis this morning is DJT’s tweet about Lewis’s comment: 

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to...... mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!

Ouch!  For Lewis someone pointing out the truth about his lack luster career has never happened.  After all he’s a hero.  It’s part of the Black Caucus affirmative action program to never have anyone question their BS.  The Caucus can attack you with all the lies they can spew, but if you point out the truth about them, well, you are a racist.  And let’s not put too fine a point on it, what has the Caucus done for anyone.  They all seem to be about as accomplished as Lewis.  Whine.  Cry.  *itch.  Complain.  Sulk.  Threaten.  All while living high off the Caligula, D.C. hog, but nothing in their districts ever seems to improve.

As far as Lewis being a “hero”, Kurt Schilchter puts that into perspective with this tweet:
So, because ~50 years ago some Democrats beat up John Lewis means we have to ignore how he lies about Republicans today?

The Demo-Dopes and the MSM are crushed that a Republican is actually fighting back.  It’s harder to destroy someone when they defend themselves.  Lewis and the MSM must be asking themselves, “When did the Republicans stumble onto that tactic?  I spread BS about Trump and he tells the truth about me.  That has to be racist or something.”

Mrs. Lex thinks DJT should give up the twitter account.  I don’t.  I think he should defend himself.  George W. Bush never bothered to respond to the lies issued by the Dopes and the MSM and they were able to pretty much destroy him.  When Chief Clownboy Chuckles Scummer took out after Trump, DJT labeled him the “head clown”.  One thing we know for sure, when DJT labels someone it tends to stick.  That may give azzbags like Lewis and Scummer pause before going after Trump. 

Many conservatives, Lex included, have waited for a Republican who would hit back – hard.  Now that we have one, Rat establishment Republican types are getting nervous and want Trump to lay down and just take it.    

Dope DoJ confirms: Demo-Dope run cities are $h!tholes
The Empty Suit’s DoJ has called the Chicago PD racist and heavy-handed.  Hmm.  Who has been running Chicago for the last…umm forever?  Dopes.  So the Dope DoJ is calling the Dopiest of all Dope cities racist.  How in the name of FDR do the Dopes see this as anything except what it is – an indictment of their own brand? 

It is not as if some nefarious Republican mayor was hiring Klansmen to police the south side of Chicago with intent of keeping black men down through police intimidation.  Dope mayors have been hiring Dopes to police Dopes in Chicago since Al Capone ran the city.

Lex renews Peter Holley conversation
When I kept stumbling across stories of Leftist violence and threats of violence directed at conservatives and inauguration participants, Lex renewed the conversation Washington Post “reporter” Peter Holley (several posts under “Leftist are going to have a very bad year – I hope” you can check out how the original conversation went).  The short story is that the original conversation began after Holley equated threatening e-mails to a leftist college professor with terrorism.  So I e-mailed him:

Hi Peter:
I was wondering if you were working on another one of those “victim of terrorism” pieces?  There seems to be a veritable gold mine of material on the subject out there.  Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Holliday cancelled inauguration performances.  They pulled out after Leftist death threats.  Also, Leftist shut down a Milo event at UC Berkley with threats of and actual violence and the Leftist have threatened, nay, promised violence during Friday’s inauguration. 

Of course, given that all hands at the Post are probably still trying to track down that Russian hacking of our power grid story, none of this is as important or as compelling as a leftist college professor who takes to the fainting couch when she receives e-mails after ill-advised post-election comments.

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