Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More stuff for Tuesday

I’m running late.  I stayed up to watch the end of the college National Championship game last night.  That was one for the ages.  I only tuned in about midway of the last quarter.  The emotional roller coaster in the last 5 minutes for fans who are invested in either of the teams must have been something.  I guess Clemson spent time with the basketball team last week learning the pick and roll.  But hey Nick, after you get burned once, you gotta learn to switch or zone it up.  No excuses.  Has anyone called Lane Kiffen for his take?

A new take on Demo-Dope whining in the local fish wrap
In the post under, Lex takes on a holier than thou letter writer in the local fish wrap.  That post initiated this take on Therese Boomershine’s preaching from Richie the Buck, who correctly picked the winning team in last night’s game.  I was going to lift it and pass it off as my own, but "the Buck" has enforcers who come after people who try to rip him off.

Teresa Boomershine states, “I usually read the letters and either laugh them off or wonder what that person was thinking”. I would suggest she laugh it off. Mr. Polk was crystal clear in what he said and Boomershine does not need to wonder what Polk was thinking. But Boomershine has invoked Christianity in the discussion for some reason so let’s go with it. The serpent in Genesis, or better known as The MSM, convinced Adam and Eve that Eden needed reform. This is when Adam and Eve went from being conservatives to progressives and invited Satan to the party. Eden’s property value then dropped below that of South Chicago’s. If Boomershine could reread Mr. Polk’s article and replace Trump for “Moses and the Promised Land”, and supplant The MSM for “The Serpent” she might well sleep better.      

The Empty Suit’s farewell, or as Lex calls it good riddance, speech is tonight
The I, me, my, mine speech is tonight when The Empty Suit takes to the airwaves to tell America one more time how awesome he is and how unworthy we were of his greatness because we failed to fully embrace it.  Richie the Buck’s over under bet on personal references for this narcissistic azzbag (oops kinder gentler foul up there) in his last official address is in the NBA all-star game range at 263.

NASCAR’s take on Meryl Streep
If Meryl Streep were a NASCAR driver and Darrell Waltrip were calling the race, she’d be known a Merle Streep.  I don’t know that that bit of insight adds anything, but it’s what just popped into my head.  So you’ve got Merle and the rest of the Hollywood swells out there claiming to be one of the most “vilified segments of society”.  Really?  Try being a white, Christian, male, heterosexual, conservative on campus *itch.  These are the most famous and some of the most over paid people in the world.  Please, can I be a vilified in that manner too?  The only things I lack to join this effete borg-like class of moralizing snobs are talent and left leaning politics.

Jeff Sessions’ hearing
Demo-Dopes are digging deep into their empty playbook and will be relying on the Lefty lib sole remaining trump card – calling him a racist.  If everyone’s a racist, no one is.  If everyone is Hitler no one is.  It is so very tiresome. 
Russian hack
I spent a good portion of my near death weekend trying to process the Russian hacking story.  Call me crazy, most people who know me do, but I’m suspicious of a report that so conveniently fits into the Demo-Dope narrative.  The fact that Lindsey Gramnesty and McCainiac are in full throat support of the Dopes only furthers my suspicions.

Here’s what I think I know
Russia - and the rest of the world for that matter – are expected to try to hack us.

Mrs. Lex and I – like 22 million other Americans - are beneficiaries of a government funded “Lifelock” type service for the next 5 years after our personal information was hacked by the ChiComs.

I do not recall The Empty Suit taking any punitive action against the ChiComs for their cyber war on OPM.

The government has already acknowledged foreign hacks of the State Dep, the White House, NOAA, US satellites and the Post Office.

So TES knew about the Russian hacking well before the first vote was ever cast in the 2016 election, even the ones cast in Chicago in Jun – of 2015.  What did he do about it? 

After telling his failed SecState to issue a mistranslated “reset” button to Vlad, and telling Medvedev to “tell Vlad he’d have more flexibility after the election”, and selling Vlad 20% of US uranium stocks, The Empty Suit decided to draw a bright broad redline and put an end to hacking by stomping his foot down and telling Vlad to “knock it off”.  Press liar Josh Earnest tells us TES had his hands on his hips and was tapping his toe for emphasis when he issued the dire warning and that Putin was tears but couldn’t tell if it was from laughing so hard or the fear TES had instilled the ex-KGB colonel’s heart.

Well after TES’s hair raising warning, ol’ Vlad must have been so scared he immediately went into hiding and forgot to tell his boys to “knock it off”, because apparently the Russian hacking and influence campaign continued through Election Day.    

Before Shrillda the Hutt’s surprise azz whippin’ on Nov 8, TES and other Dopes never issued a word about the threat of Russians’ influence on the election.  Russian meddling was A-Okay until their BS candidate lost.  Then the hacking became a story.

Oops I gotta run.  We’ll try to wrap this up tomorrow.

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