Friday, January 27, 2017

A 50% cut at the EPA would be a good start

There’s an old lawyer joke:  What do you call it when a bus load of lawyers go over a cliff?  A good start. 

What do you call it when it’s discovered there were three empty seats?  A tragedy. 

So it is when we learn that Trump could cut the budget of the EPA by as much as $800 million.  That cut sounds like a good start, until you learn that the EPA budget is over 8 BILLION DOLLARS.  WTF?  YGBSM?  No. I’m not.  That budget supports over 15,000 EPA bureaucrats who make it their business to screw with anyone who might lean conservative.

Here’s how I would kill two birds with one stone.  (Hey that’s just an idiom not a threat to the bird population. Unlike the EPA approved wind generated power no birds were harmed in publishing this post.)  Trump has promised to add 5,000 Border Patrol Agents.  The Demo-Dopes, who suddenly have become fiscal hawks, have their shorts in a knot about the cost of such a move and are demanding to know what “the off-sets” are.  So here’s what you might consider doing to “off-set” hiring more Border Patrol Agents.  Fire 5,000 EPA workers, starting with anyone at the EPA authorized to carry a weapon*, and transfer those numbers and the supporting budget to the Border Patrol.

*You just know that this onerous bunch of preening azzbags – like every other onerous bunch of preening Federal azzbags - have their own SWAT capabilities for some reason.  Shut that capability down first.

Once the armed element of the EPA has been dismissed anyone showing up for work at the EPA in tears can be given their walking papers.  Sure, I’d give all the employees the opportunity to trade in their Caligula, D.C. office and move to the Texas border and do the job of a Border Patrol Agent.  Talk about causing tears.  The EPA would have to declare the EPA’s Caligula, D.C. office a protected wetland, as is their wont.  (Hat tip to Mark Styne for linking EPA tears to the EPA’s propensity to declare any prime real-estate with so much as a morning dew on the grass a federal wetland.) 

In Caligula, D.C., that’s considered crazy talk.  Transferring personnel and budget between agencies is NOT how the government is grown.  Well, that’s sort of the point isn’t it?   

Four biggies at the State Department also got canned.  Another good start.  Two corrupt VA azzbags were fired.  All good starts but the enormity of the problem is daunting.  Look at the size and scope of the EPA, a Nixon era agency, which is now a federal government leviathan with its tentacles into everything.  

When I was a lowly staff puke at the Pentagon, mired in typical useless duplicative staff puke BS, I used to advocate cutting the overlapping staffs by 25%.  My boss told me that was a bad idea.  If the staff were to be cut by only 25%, the bureaucrats would just expect the reaming 75% to pick up the slack.  If I really wanted to end the BS, the staff would have to be cut by 50% or more.  Only such a dramatic cut would force the bureaucrats to cut BS rather than just shuffle it around. 

50% cuts at EPA, IRS, Dept of Ed, etc. would be a good start.  The tragedy is that 50% of those azzbag government agencies will remain.

Dennis Miller:  What’s the difference between Tom Brady and Chuck Schumer?  Brady’s a Patriot and a winner. 

USA/Mexico Presidential level meeting canceled:   Trump hasn't even started the wall yet and he's already been able to discourage Mexicans from coming into the US.

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