Monday, January 23, 2017

Reaction to "The Speech"

As I watched President Trump’s inauguration speech I thought, Oh my gosh, he's reaming them all.  Not one politician on that dais Friday at noon wasn't squirming in their seat. The speech was, at the same time, brutally honest, easily understood and totally uncompromising.  None of that is the stuff Caligula, D.C. is made of.  

As for the truth, there’s an old axiom in Caligula, D.C. that a political blunder is when a politician accidently tells the truth.   Trump spent 25 minutes telling the bare faced truth.  Not only did he tell the truth, he told it in terms that everyone could understand.  Clarity was not a casualty of a desire for soaring rhetoric.  The heavyset, facially unpleasant domestic sanitation engineer of the female persuasion became the easily understood fat, ugly cleaning lady.   Given a straight forward question, President Obabm was found of starting his answer whit what became a verbal tick – “Let me be clear…”  What would follow was anything but clear.  Obama, who it seemed required a 1,000 to say hello, would wander about aimlessly for minutes in vain search of a cogent thought, and as often as not came off like Professor Erwin Corey explaining the latest developments in string theory.  Finally, there was none of the usual Rat establishment Republican BS about hoping to “work across the aisle”, which means caving on every issue of importance.

For the true measure of how successful Trump’s speech was look at the reaction to it by Dopes and their MSM lapdogs.  You know it was spot on when Dope bootlicker Chrissy Mathews call it Hitlerian.

With regard to the inauguration protests, Iowahawk may have put it best in this tweet:  “We’re protesting fascism” – people dressed in all-black uniforms smashing windows and starting fires

Iowahawk’s post and the dopey “Love trumps Hate” meme the anarchists spew – in many cases violently – in order to register their disgust at their fellow Americans for voting Trump pretty much capture the left’s ironic oxymoronic dyslexic view of America under a Trump administration.  Madonna, in a fit of love I suppose, told the Women’s March that she thought about blowing up the White House.  Nice.  I’m pretty sure – not absolutely sure though - it was just hyperbole.  I’ve said many dopey things on this page, but I do not recall advocating for blowing up government buildings.  So all of the same Hollywood swells were out in force blasting Trump…uh…for being Trump.

Does anyone know what the protestors were demanding other than Trump stop being Trump?  How brain dead are these people?  These exact same people whose celebrity couldn’t drag Hillary’s XXXX azz across the finish line with a BILLION plus campaign war chest. 

I was impressed with the crowd size the Women’s March was able to assemble.  How could you miss it?  It was wall to wall coverage on all of the news and cable outlets. 

Prediction:   The largest march in Caligula, D.C. year in and year out is March for Life.  The MFL takes place this Friday.  Friday’s crowd will be larger than the Women’s March.  Watch the coverage – if you can find any coverage.  

It is like music sales.  If you didn’t know any better you’d probably swear hip hop/rap were the most popular music genres.  You’d be wrong.  In 2015 Christian Contemporary and Country Music both outsold hip hop/rap in down loads and CD and vinyl sales.  You can find hip hop stars everywhere.  When’s the last time you saw the Newsboys headlining an Obama White House music event? 

The MFL will draw the largest crowd, but it will get about zero coverage.  That may be because none of the Hollywood swells will take to the MFL dais to spew threats and vulgarities.   I think the primary reason the MSM ignores the MFL is because it doesn’t want lifers to discover that they are not alone. 

Before Friday’s address, I had thought that if we got nothing more than a couple to Supreme Court nominees through, it would be a yuuuge victory for Trump and the nation.  After his inaugural speech, I'm expecting much more from President Trump today.  As Trump said, it is a time for "action".  Anyone who continues to underestimate this guy does so at their own risk.  My biggest worry this morning is that squish Rat establishment Republicans will take their cue from the anti-Trump BS MSMS and join forces with their Demo-Dope establishment kin to dump sand into the gears of government to stop Trump.

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