Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lex supports Constitutional Carry and other gun stuff

Way back in October of 2016 a friend and I were concerned about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.  We both were of the opinion that if Shrillda the Hutt were to win, the 2nd Amendment would be in jeopardy.  No.  It wouldn’t make a bit of difference if Rat establishment Republicans still held the House and Senate.  We figured just the Hutt’s winning would be enough to drive the price of guns and ammo through the roof.  So we did what any reasonable person would do, we bought guns – AR-15 sporting rifles.  My friend was more reasonable than me.  He bought two.

After Nov 9th, I told my friend if we’d just waited until the 10th, we’d never have bought them.  Now with Rosie O’Donnell calling for martial law, leftist everywhere calling for violence and in some case open revolution, Black Thugs Matter showing up in places to disrupt ordinary events like breakfast, shopping in the mall etc. and the left’s continued unrelenting attack on the 2nd Amendment, I’m pretty happy with my decision again.  Mrs. Lex remains skeptical.

After the FL baggage terminal shooting, the left’s gun-grabbing hand wringing began before the blood dried.  On Sunday this rambling and, in my opinion, self-defeating letter appeared in Ft. Wayne’s leftist propaganda broadsheet:

Another mass shooting. This time in a busy Florida airport baggage claim area. Another politician calls for more guns. Open carry in all Florida airports.
I can only imagine the feeling a Florida law enforcement officer will have in the pit of his stomach as he enters a large, open room, filled with a large number of people, to answer a call of “shots fired” in “Terminal 2 baggage area.” The officer rushes in and is greeted by dozens of men and women waving handguns, some shouting “He/She is shooting people.” Who’s shooting people? The man in the red jacket? The woman wearing the pretty purple shorts? Both have pistols in their hands. Both are waving their arms around and pointing the pistols everywhere.
What does that officer do? Scream “drop the guns”? Yell “which one of you is the bad guy?”? Shoot both of them, only to find the “bad guy” has come up behind him and is about to put a bullet in his head? How will they know? How will the people we trust to protect us possibly know in the few seconds before a life-and-death decision must be made?
Now, move to the local Wal-Mart. You’re walking in the bread aisle. Coming toward you is a couple pushing a shopping cart. Both are wearing black shorts and black T-shirts. Both have serious looks on their faces, and both have semi-automatic handguns strapped to their waists.
Think fast. Are they getting ready to slaughter everyone they can until they run out of ammo? Are they looking for you because you banged their car with your door in the parking lot? Or are they simply exercising their “Constitutional right”and looking for a loaf of bread? Are they begging for someone to “get in their face” so they can impress everyone within earshot?
In this next legislative session, some elected Indiana officials will attempt to remove the laws concerning the licensing of handguns in our state. Anyone will be able to carry a firearm (pistol, AR-15, shotgun or other firearm) without any license requirement. No check by local or state police. No agency responsible for at least talking to them before issuing a permit. No one asking whether they have been convicted of a felony, committed to a mental institution or convicted of a “crime of moral turpitude.”
Who will be responsible for our safety in public? Who will be held legally responsible for those of us who may be injured or killed by some off-balance individual mad at the world ( or “hearing voices in their head”) who chooses the moment you are beside them on the street to say no to sanity?
John M. Colgate

So I sent the Lefties a note in response.

John M. Colgate writes a letter in which he contends that “off-balanced” individuals will likely commit crimes with guns if Indiana passes a Constitutional Carry gun law.  I am willing to stipulate that “off-balanced” individuals will do what “off-balanced” individuals do be it with a gun (Omar Mateen et al), an airplane (Mohammed Ata), fertilizer and fuel oil (Timothy McVeigh), a car and knife (Ali Artan), pressure cookers (Tsarnaev Bros) or even poison laced Kool-Aid (Jim Jones).  I do not understand why the other side insists that we all be reduced to lambs for the slaughter during an active shooting scenario while waiting for the police to arrive.    

11 states have already adopted Constitutional Carry.  The kind of chaos described in Colgate’s letter has yet to manifest itself in those states.  Who knows, Hoosiers just might be able to handle the responsibility Constitutional Carry entails. There is also the notion that “an armed society is a polite society.”

I would applaud Indiana legislators who can comprehend the 27 plain words of the Second Amendment.  I am a firm believer in Constitutional Carry.  I do not have an Indiana CCW license, because I believe that the Constitution already gives me that right.  Paying for a CCW license is, in my opinion, acknowledging the state’s power to limit my Constitutional right to bear arms.  No.  I do not violate state law.  I simply chose to not carry. 
Colgate asks, Who will be responsible for our safety in public?”  The obvious answer is: Constitutional Carry allows us to be responsible for a greater degree of our own safety.

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