Friday, January 06, 2017

A valiant effort today even if it isn't

This hodgepodge is the best I can do today.  I'm a bit under the weather and the sub didn't make it in this morning.

Russian hacking
One of the left’s main line of attacks on the Russian hacking scam is that the guy who outted the e-mails – Julian Assange – is an “alleged rapist”.  Okay fine.  Let’s burn him at the stake.  And while we’re at it, remember Billyboy Billbo Clinton is also an alleged rapist.  So let’s burn him at the stake as well.

Chief Clown now arbiter mainstream
Head clown Chuckles Scumer has vowed to oppose Donald Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court if that nomination is not “mainstream”.  Who knew a boob from NY now acting as the cruise director on the clown cruise – Chuckles – is now America’s arbiter of mainstream?

Trump could clobber the chief clown with one tweet:  Have named 21 possible choices for SC. Which are NOT mainstream?  This would force clown boy to either reject all 21, which would make him look like the obstructionist that he is, or reveal the nominees that would sail through. 

Sans a celeb video protesting it, EC vote will be certified today
Shrillda the Hutt will lose the election again today.  Today is the day that a joint secession of Congress will certify the Electoral College count.  Since I have not seen any of those celebrity videos imploring Congress to give the Electoral College and the American people the finger at this stage of Donald Trump’s march to the Oval Office, I have to assume the count will be certified. 

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