Monday, November 23, 2015

Refugees, Trump and The OSU

Sending this rant on Syrian refugees to local fish wrap

History proves there is no reason to trust this misadministration on Syrian refugees.  President Obama and key members of his misadministration assure us that the vetting of Syrian refugees coming into the US will be thorough.  Remember, this is the exact same gang that cannot shoot straight that assured us given a billion hard earned US tax dollars that they could vet and raise a “moderate Muslim” rebel army of 5,000 to take on Assad in Syria.  One year and half a billion dollars later, the misadministration had trained 54 fighters who promptly quit or changed sides taking their US funded training and equipment with them.

Obama mocks Republicans for being afraid of Syrian widows and orphans, but other than Bassar Assad, by his feckless unenforced red line, no one is responsible for creating more Syrian widows and orphans than President Obama.

But even that’s not the genesis of the Syrian refugee crisis.  President Obama’s insistence on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq gave rise to the “jayvee” team called ISIS that now dominates world headlines with their barbarism.

Now the jayvee are telling us that they will infiltrate the US through the Syrian refugees.  We should take them at their word.  The misadministration’s own FBI director, now tracking up to 1,000 homegrown ISIS cases, tells us there is NOTHING to vet the Syrian refugees against i.e. they cannot be vetted. 

Limited to 300 words, there is no way possible to catalog the plethora of boneheaded policies and colossal misjudgments this misadministration has engaged in.  Suffice it to say, given their record to date, there is not one piece of evidence to indicate that the misadministration’s vetting process of Syrian refugees isn’t going to be an enormous foul up along the lines of the ACA website which, after years of development and two billion dollars, still does not function properly.     

Browkaw skips noon nap to blast Trump
The ancient Tom Brokaw said that Donald Trump is “flat out lying” about saying he saw 1,000s of Muslims in NJ celebrating 9-11.  Like everything with Trump, the nub of his statement is true and can be found here.  No numbers are found in the newspaper story, which would make it hard for Trump to “see” 1,000s celebrating.  But some local TV station probably covered the story as well and given the state of Islam, if there are at least 4,000 Muslims in NJ, we can assume 2-3,000 of them were cheering 9-11 - making Trump’s statement of “1,000s cheering” totally believable.  Combine this story with Trump’s promise to bring back waterboarding and he’s sure to spike another point or two in the polls.

Now one thing you can be certain of, while the underlying premise of Trump’s story is true – NJ Muslim’s cheered 9-11 - Brokaw is too old, senile and too much of a Dope hack to call out a first class lying witch – Shrillda the Hutt – the 24-7 lie machine spewing one line of BS after another.  The Hutt had a man jailed to support her lie that a video caused the Beghazi attacks.  This isn’t the first time the Hutt has charged political non-enemies with crimes to cover her naked political ambition.  (Apologies for using the word “naked” and Shrillda the Hutt in close proximity before lunch.  That’ll be a hard visual to get out of you mind.) Remember, this despicable POS had the apolitical White House travel office sacked so that she could bring in her AK cronies.  Not content to just fire the innocent people who populated that office, this pig in a pantsuit had them charged with crimes as well.  Years later, Billy Dale and others were cleared of any misdeeds prompting Mr. Dale to ask, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?” After ruining a score or so lives, the slob just strutted on as if nothing happened.

Now does anyone suppose that Brokaw or any of the other MSM azz sniffers will call the Hutt a flat out liar – even though it clearly is?

No joy in Columbus
The OSU lost a close game to MSU.  A 17-14 loss to a good team is nothing too be ashamed of, but after the game a couple of The OSU players took the opportunity to throw the coaching staff under the bus.  Zeke Elliot was the most out spoken, saying he wasn’t given the ball enough on the right kind of plays.  He’s right and I have the text messages to prove it sent during the game – give it to Zeke straight up the gut. 

But you cannot be insubordinate particularly in the media.  Meyer should require that Elliot apologize to the team, his coaches and the fans in the same manner he blasted them or sit him until he does.  If he doesn’t want to play for The OSU, don’t let him.  Like insubordination in the military, truth is no defense.  Better to lose 3 games in row than tolerate this kind of team busting BS.

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