Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who would you rather hang out with, vets or college students?

Yesterday was Veterans Day.  I had time to reflect on my 20+ years in the US Marine Corps and juxtapose that experience with the college snowflakes demanding “safe spaces” on campus.

What struck me were the number of serious accidents I was witness to or was in close proximity.  The most memorable was when 4-5 members of an 11th Marines survey team were wiped out by a couple errant 105mm howitzer rounds.  The most common error in artillery gunnery is a 100 mil error in quadrant or elevation.  That isn’t what happened.  Instead of one big error, the errant rounds occurred as a result of a series of errors each error moving the rounds toward the survey team.  A Marine was killed when an 8 inch howitzer engaged a target with direct fire.  The target was too close and the base of the shell traveled back on a straight line killing the gunner.  Those circumstances could not be engineered on purpose in a million shots.  In addition there were any number of broken bones trying heave howitzers around in the dark, strained ligaments, cuts, finger tips lost when closing the howitzer breach, bruises, animal and insect bites and even a lightning strike that traveled through the slash wire used to for sound powered coms and burned/shocked a number of Marines using the system at the time.  Nearly all of the casualties involved 17-19 year old Marines.  

What I learned early on was that, like aviation rules, sailing rules and hunting rules, every one of those “asinine” artillery rules that are now standing operating procedure were written in someone’s blood and needed to be followed.  It seems to me Marine 0811 canoneers are more in need of "safe spaces" than any of the college snowflakes, but are not the least bit interested in such a space.  Weird huh.

Now juxtapose those Marine death defiers against the snowflakes on American campuses demanding a safe space.  WTF.  What I determined is that I’d much rather be in the company of “uneducated” jarheads than a bunch of college wimps (Lex jr’s company excepted). It’s pretty clear that what needs to happen on these campuses is that they need to be turned over to retired Gunnery Sergeants.  Get the bowtie, tweed jacket college administrators out of administration. 

Instead of catering to the safe space crowd someone needs to get up in their faces and tell them to get to class or get off campus.  It is clear to me that the snowflakes are on the prowl day in and day out for something – anything – to be offended about.  Give it to them.  Get in their faces.  Don’t give in.  Double and triple their discomfort so that they will beg for the status quo ante.  Marine Gunnery Sergeants are expert at this technique.    

Coward refuses to renounce white privilege
Mis-is-a-zoo well-known coward and lesser known football coach Gary Pinkel failed the Tim Wolfe test when this weasel refused to resign or renounce his “white privilege” during a radio interview.  My hope is that Pinkel is reduced counter work at a local convenience store.  Sadly as an SEC coach, he’s probably already stashed millions.  Too bad.  If ever there was a guy who should be in ruins it’s a two-timing coward like Pinkel.  My hope is that BYU lays 70 or more on them this Saturday.

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