Monday, November 16, 2015


Some common sense thoughts on the Muslim hell unleashed in Paris:

When you make it crime to carry a gun, only criminals will have them.

If your house is being destroyed by termites, you cannot solve the problem by calling in a plumber, or an electrician, or a landscaper.  You’ll have to call an exterminator and call the problem by name.  You cannot call the exterminator and tell him you need to get rid of mice. 

Islamo-Terror-Fascists are primitive crap heads similar to an alligator.  You can bring an alligator into your home as a pup.  Feed it.  Care for it in every way.   You can even love it.  One day you’ll come home and your dog will be gone, then your kid.  You cannot teach the alligator sympathy or empathy. It is too primitive.  The only thing that could make an alligator more dangerous is a notion that “not all alligators are bad.  Let’s not paint the alligator community with too broad a brush and taint ‘the good alligators’ with the bad.”  There could be nice alligators in there somewhere but you’re an idiot allowing an alligator into your home hoping it’s one of the nice ones.  Anyone who wants to bring more Muslims into this country is an idiot.  They are primitive animals interested in doing no good here.

Every time there is a shooting in the US the Dopes launch the canard that, “America is the only western country where these things happen.”  Uh no, apparently it isn’t.

The Dopes still think “climate change” is the biggest threat facing America.  I suppose that’s comforting since The Empty Suit has sent 50  - yes 50 – that’s five zero special operators to bring the Islamo-Terror-Fascists to heel.

How sad is it when the French are the leaders of the Western world?  That’s no hit on the French.  It’s just embarrassing to be under the…oh what’s the word, not leadership, not control, I guess I have to go with…chicke$h!t leadership of clueless azzholes.

I know Americans do want to get involved in another ground war in the Middle East but I do not think that you can or should trust your security to a proxy army.  If it’s important to American interests American forces ought to get in there and get the job done right.  Crush ISIS and get out.

It would be nice if some words came to mind that would wake Americans the hell up to Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Sadly we more concerned about a bunch of crybaby college snowflakes than we are about killing the ITF.  But nothing comes to mind.  We're a nation consumed by the air pressure in footballs and shrug when a primitive cult of a billion or so people vow to kill us.

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