Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Debate, Mis-is-a-zoo U. and Ol' Turkey Neck

First Debate
Jindal was clearly the smartest guy on the stage.  After about the 3,000th time he dropped the “we can’t send another big government Republican to Washington”, I pretty much tuned him out.

Santorum was good but I see no compelling reason for his candidacy.

Huckabee is always smooth and very good at these things.  I am 100% sold on the fair tax as the best tax plan.

Christie won.  He bashed Shrillda the Hutt in about every answer which is always good.

Main Debate
National Anthem?  What was that?  Pay no attention to the meter and the notes.  Sing it at any way you want.

It’s a heck of lot easier to pick out the loser – John Kasich lost.  What an obnoxious douche.  His “You cannot deport 11 million illegal aliens” is pure BS.  First there are probably 20 million illegals in the country by now.  We’re talking about getting rid of half.  It can be done.  What is aggravating to me are PsOS like JEB! and Kasich who will not even try, will not make even a modest effort to do so.  By admitting that you will not even try you invite more and more illegals into the county ahead of securing the border.

Cruz won.  He bailed Trump out on illegal aliens against JEB! and idiot Kasich. Republicans will lose if they adopt the Dope position amnesty.  I believe he’s exactly right.  Remember what sent Trump to the top of the polls in the first place.  He cleared the field on defense spending:  If you think spending to defend America is expensive, try not defending her.  His flat tax, all in, abolish the IRS plan is good enough.

Rubio did a nice a job particularly because he somehow avoided the immigration and TPP debates.  How the hell can Republican candidates talk immigration and NOT bring up Rubio and the gang of 8?  I blame the moderators for this.  Marco was smooth, too smooth by half to my way of thinking.  Given a perfect chance to slap the crap out Shrillda the Hutt as the person “with the most impressive resume”, Marco launched into some part of his stump speech and only nicked the Hutt at the end.

Fiorina was good and will get the biggest bump.

Trump was Trump (Why does she keep interrupting everyone?) and was on the right side of all of the big issues.  His army of Trumpsters will flood the Internet polls and he will declare himself the winner.  I see Cruz co-opting Trump support at some point.

The moderators were the best of any debate I’ve ever watched.  They were so much better than the Fox News moderators – save Brett Baire.  Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were schooled by the Fox Business crew.

Mis-is-a-zoo timeline
Here is the timeline and thin gruel indeed on which a couple of hundred creeps at Mis-is-a-zoo U. used to get a couple of craven white guys to quit.  Both the timeline/incidents and the craven white guys quitting over them are pathetic.

Billbo O’Really’s book made up BS
Turkey neck BS artist Billbo O’Really is killing Reagan – well at least Reagan’s legacy.  His new “Killing” book is under intense criticism from Reganites.  The effete elite George Will took a day off from trashing Trump and other non-elite non-Republi-Rats to take on O’Really in an OpEd on Fri.  Will does a great job skewering ol’ Billbo.  So Billbo gets Will to come on the O’Really Factor to settle the score.  The interview is entertaining in the same way you might enjoy watching two people you cannot stand beat the hell out of one another.  They call each other liars and hacks.  They are both right.  Wonderful.  After the O’Really Factor slugfest, Will takes another run at O’Really in column.  Quite entertaining.

Ol’ Billbos’s big problem isn’t with Will though.  The guys hammering his worthless azz off most effectively are the guys over at Powerline.  You might recall that these are the smart times 10 guys that put the lie to Dan Rather’s National Guard story on GWB about 30 seconds after photo copies of the memos were released.  It was the Powerline guys who first reported that the font in the memos was inconsistent with the era of the typewriters available when the memos were purported to have been written.  Sort of like Shrillda the Hutt saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.  Too bad the Hutt was three years old before Sir Edmund found his way to the peak of Mt. Everest and the public became aware that an Edmund Hillary even existed.

Anyhoo, the Powerline guys pretty much de-pant, destroy and give ol’ Billbo a series of ginormous wedgies:

Mark Levin levels O’Really and Fox News here.  I’ll bet the Griffins next paycheck ol’ turkey neck does not have the stones to invite Levin on the Factor.  I’ve only read one of O’Really’s Killing books – Lincoln.  Now feel compelled to go back to see if Lincoln’s really even dead.

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