Friday, November 13, 2015

Standards and college football

Lower the standards, ignore the results
Because they cannot do it, female police officers in Colorado Springs claim a fitness test is discriminatory.   Of course some azzbag judge agrees.  Come to think of it, so do I.  Medical boards are also discriminatory.  So is the bar exam.  Is anything more discriminatory than the try outs for a professional sports team?  These teams need to look more like America.

What needs to happen is a bit of lefty Lib happy talk to splain what is happening on the CO Springs PD.  Instead of calling it a “physical fitness test,” CSPD should change the name of the test to a Semiannual Cardio and Obesity Screening.  It’s easy to oppose a physical fitness test.  First because the word “test” is in there – a clear microaggression.

We all know that every test is Euro-centric and therefore discriminatory toward blacks, women, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, dwarfs, Jews, Muslims, Pacific Islanders, kazoo players, LGBTSXZAs, Hindus…well just about everyone except straight white male Christians.  The SCOS is far less threatening.  It is less likely someone on the public safety payroll is going to garner any public sympathy for opposing weight and cardio “screening.”  The CSPD could in the end claim, “It’s for their children.”

College football is dead
That’s crazy talk.  College football is more popular than ever.  That may be but it’s not really “college football.”  Let’s face it, it’s a college subsidized NFL farm system.  TV, nationwide recruiting and the death of the “mythical national championship” have combined to ruin the college game. 

Here’s how to fix it:
The number of scholarships a school receives is tied to the team’s graduation rate.

College coaches cannot receive more in compensation than the university president.

Open all athletic dorms and dining facilities to the general student body.

All games start between noon and 1 pm local.  This is to get TV somewhat out of the mix.

Limit the season to 10 games.

Have a 16 team playoff.

The season ends on Jan 1st.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.  It’ll never happen.  That’s why college football is dead.  The players have no true affiliation with the university other than wearing a football uniform.  There’s too much TV money that the universities are now addicted to.  I can only hope that what happened at Mis-is-a-zoo spreads across the country.  That’ll change major college football.  An added benefit will be that the national champion is more likely than not to be one of the military academies or some Junior College.  How cool would that be?

I post all of this as I head to South Bend on Saturday for my first ever Notre Dame game.  I wish I could have gotten into Knute’s house before they ruined it with ad ons.  But I will see one true college football game this year where the field will be dominated by real student athletes.  I’m going to the Army Navy game in Philadelphia in Dec.  The academies are the last bastions of the student athlete in major college athletics today.

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