Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lefty Lib Tim Wolfe destroyed by lefty Libs

System President Tim Wolfe is gone at the U. of Mis-is-a-zoo.  Zoo is the right suffix and clearly the animals are running the place.  So a good lefty Lib institution is in turmoil.  I wish I could generate one iota of give a $h!t about it.   My greatest hope for America is that this craziness spreads across America’s public college campuses like a virus.  Shutting them all down would give America a fighting chance.

If you cannot get your hands around what caused all of this – not much.  There’s the rundown of the heinous act committed on Mis-is-a-zoo’s campus.  One of the claims of “racism” goes back 11 years.  Others like the excrement swastika are still under investigation and like black church burnings in St.Louis may be the work of black agitators.  Who knows?  That’s why you investigate. 

It’s amazing that this kind of (excuse the pun) crap can happen on campus today.  Public universities in America these days are almost all to the core lefty Lib crap holes.  So a guy with a brain has to ask himself, WTF?  How can this happen?

Still the lefty Libs who populate the faculty and administration are the targets of even crazier lefty Libs.  Love it.  Of course the Demo-Dope party is forced to side with the craziest of the groups on campus. And as is always the case when it comes to Lefty Libs – the truth does not matter.  The key thing is supporting the lefty Lib narrative.  The first casualty when a lefty Lib starts talking is the truth.

Of course the sports shows are all lauding the football team’s “courage” for their part in forcing Wolfe out.  Weird huh.  Guys who are for the most part segregated from the general student population and on average have about as much interest in a degree and graduation as the squirrels on campus, have the power to depose the System President.  It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

As one astute student athlete put it, “If we were 9-0 none of us would have anything to do with this.”   But hey if you’re 3-5 why not make a fake protest the center of your pee poor season?  The BS coach at Mis-is-a-zoo is being hailed as a hero.  Hero?  For going along with the mob?  This is so instructional.

Today’s heroes are followers.  So in the 2015 version of To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch (played by Mis-is-a-zoo Coach Gary Pinkel) joins the lynch mob (played by campus know nothings).  Tom Robinson (played by System President Tim Wolfe) is hung.  Bob Ewell (Played by hunger strike faker Jonathon Butler) is elected mayor and Scout (Played by any of the snowflake student agitators) grows up to be a community agitator.

Then in an on campus piece some ESPN double D-bag brought up Ferguson as part of the spark for the campus unrest.  You remember punk thug Mike Brown.  He’s the guy Eric the wad Holder’s DoJ proved got his thug azz shot off while trying to assault a police officer.

This is so good. The lefty Lib MSM BS meme for thug punk Mike Brown is partially responsible for getting a lefty Lib System President sacked.  Beautiful.  I think this foolishness will end when the Muslims take over. 

HAPPY 240th TO THE USMC STILL A GREAT INSTITUTION - even after azzwipe worst CMC ever crush the troops zoomie Amos.

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