Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cooperation with the police is the best policy if you do not want to get your azz shot off

Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by a Chicago Police Officer.  McDonald was high on PCP and had committed a crime prior to being shot; he was walking in the middle of the street and was brandishing a knife when the officer unloaded his service weapon into him.  As is almost always the case in these shootings, had the victim simply cooperated with the police he’d be alive today. 

None of this excuses the shooting.  It was clearly a case of excessive force.  If the officer had stopped shooting after McDonald was down his actions, while excessive given the number of cops present, might have been understandable.  Shooting the guy an additional 15 times after he was down was crazy.  I suspect the officer was in some kind of adrenalin induced trance, because witnesses said the officer was reloading when other officers finally stopped him from shooting.

So McDonald is dead.  What’s next?  Well the city settled with his family for 5 million dollars.  Yesterday the officer who shot McDonald was indicted for 1st degree murder, arrested, jailed and denied bail.  So, what pray tell are the authorities supposed to do?  Turn the officer over to the mob.  Get MO head football coach Gary Pinkel to mediate with the mob, and given his past cowardice in the face of a mob, that is exactly what will happen.

The mob becomes a mob on the slightest pretext these day.  Violation of “safe spaces,” microaggressions, Halloween costumes are all justified reasons for a mob to take over a college library, the university president’s office or the entire campus.  It’s so crazy now that a mob gathering is sufficient reason for the usual professional azzbag protestors to reinforce the mob.  In this case the mob is claiming that it is upset in part due to the fact that the investigation took over a year to complete.  Oh the horror!  If I were a cynic, I’d claim the delay was created on purpose by Mayor Emmanuel in order to get him on the other side of his reelection as mayor.

During the last Republican debate Rand Paul made the point that if you want income inequality move to Demo-Dope city or state.  The same can be said if you want black people shot, civil unrest and illegal alien sanctuary – move into Dope controlled areas.  All of this unrest from the campus to the cities is happening in lefty Lib utopias.  So, what went wrong?

Thanksgiving is upon us
The world seems to be in the opening moves of a world-wide war.   The jihadis are playing for real the rest of the world is in an excrement sandwich where it on the one hand swears Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terror and on the other hand – well there is no other hand.  No wait, on the other hand The Empty Suit has declared war on the Republican Party and global warming.  Good grief Charlie Brown.  How totally out of touch can a guy be?  This boob actually thinks having a global warming conference is going to be a blow against ISIS.  ISIS could not care less.  Dropping a barrel bomb on their heads though will get their attention.

So anyway, there’s still plenty to be thankful for.  We haven’t been subjected to 7th century Islam…yet.  BLM, snowflake college agitators and radical Islamist haven’t linked up here in the US …yet.  There’s another election just in the offing, and we haven’t elected the one promising open border and to give away the most “free” stuff…yet.   The Bengals are still in the hunt for a division title.  And of course if it’s Thanksgiving, it must be close to oldest sis’s birthday. Happy birthday sis.

The south obstacles at the compound need work so, I’ll see ya Mon.

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