Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shrillda the Hutt on another gun grab

Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes are pushing the “common sense gun control” measure of not selling guns to people on the terrorist watch list.  Sounds reasonable, no?  It’s not.  It’s total BS like calling Robertscare the Affordable Care Act.  It’s all BS.  Healthcare premiums, deductibles and other costs for the average family are going through the roof under Robertscare.

Here’s the thing the Dopes are combining all watch lists with the terrorist watch list.  So if you travel to certain countries, you’re on the list.  If you visit a certain website, you’re on the list.  If you contribute to certain political activities, you’re on the list.  Remember these are the same azzbags who have told us returning vets were a bigger threat to Americans than Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  These are the same azzbags who used the IRS to target conservative groups.

This is crude way to put it.  If you do not want terrorist to have guns, don’t sell them to Muslims.  RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No it’s common sense.  99.99% of the terrorists world-wide are Muslims. There isn't a world-wide travel alert this morning because the Mormons are acting up.  wake the F_ up.  Now stating this common sense observation would be sure to get me onto some kind of government watch list and if you’ve accidentally clicked on to this page you too are on Shrillda the Hutt’s watch list. 

Also, because most guns used in crimes sre obtained illegally, there is a push for making “smart guns” mandatory.  That is new technologies that allow only the owner to fire the gun.  So the gun has some kind of safety that can only be disabled by a ring or other device worn by the owner.  One such device required 12 seconds for the owner to make the weapon serviceable.  Having to wait 12 seconds to get off a shot is not “smart.”  It reminds of returning to muzzle loading days.

If you are interested in supporting and defending the constitution, a good rule of thumb is:  If the Does are for it, you probably ought to oppose it.

Turkey downs Russian fighter
Does this mean we can now establish a no-fly zones in Syria and move Syrian “refugees” there?  Recall Rand Paul warned that such no-fly zones might mean we’d have to shoot down a Russian jet.  Well that bridge has now been crossed.  So…

Zeke Elliot reads Lex, apologizes
In the post under, Lex opined that The OSU’s star running back Zeke Elliot ought to apologize or sit until he does for his emotional outburst after the loss to MSU.  Here’s the apology.

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