Thursday, November 05, 2015

Leftist probably equals racist

There is an opportunity for Donald Trump to add $5,000 to the treasury of his favorite charity.  Some bozo group called “Deport Racism” has offered up a $5,000 bounty to “anyone who will yell out ‘Trump is a racist’ during the live broadcast of Saturday Night Live.”  So Trump walks out on stage and immediately shouts out “Anyone who thinks ‘Trump is a racist’ is a loser.”  Or he could have his people organize a left right response.  The lefty side of the audience shouts, “Trump is a racist...”  Then the right side responds with “…is a lie.”  Also this group is so stupid that it actually thinks the SNL is live.  It's taped live.  But actually goes out on about a two hour delay.  Idiots.

I would think that since the geniuses at Deport Racists bothered to advertise their bounty, SNL and Trump will be ready.  

Now on to the group’s name – “Deport Racists.”  If true racists were deported, I’m pretty sure that group would, as the multicutlt leftist like say, look like America.  Let’s look at lefty lib pols.  Starting at the top you can make a pretty good case that the race bating Empty Suit is racist #1.  Deport him.  Anyone who sends three administration officials to thug Michael Brown’s funeral and ignores Kate Steinle’s death just might be a racist.  Anyone willing to unload the jails because of a preconceived notion that there is a racial bias in sentencing, just might be a racist.  Anyone who thinks that the cops acted stupidly for investigating a man trying to bust down a door in the middle of the night, just might be racist.  Other racist pols are any pol from a district so gerrymandered that the result is guaranteed to be huge majority of a particular race. I cannot believe that mental midgets like Maxine federalize the gas companies Waters, Hank will the island capsize Johnson, Sheila Jackson the Constitution is over 400 years old Lee et al could get a majority of votes without playing the race card.  Now, if you want to see true racism watch this bunch roll in on a conservative pol of color like Ben Carson and Mia Love who win wherever they might run.  The Dem pols of color are all racists because they have to rely on receiving a plurality of a fixed election.  Deport them.

I’d say a good majority of Hollywood swells are racists.  Quinton Tarantino blames white supremacy for police arrests of young black men.  That is a racist statement.  Deport him.  I point out again, not one of the unfortunate incidents cited by Black Lives Matter BS artists – not even the one true case of murder the one in SC – would have happened if the perps had just cooperated with the police.

Then of course there is the rank and file.  When you see a headline “Gang beats vet steals phone” or “Flash mob robs convenient store” or “Woman assaulted in knock out game” or “Gang disrupts state fair” is anyone ever surprised when it is gangs of black youth assaulting whites?  Deport them.  They’re the racists.  They’re being encouraged by craven life-time pols from districts that look more like a Rorschach test than a district formed along any rational lines.  They are encouraged by “gangsta rap” artists who are never condemned by any of the azzbag pols.  Deport them all.

And while they offer up their own brand of hate whitey racism, the azzbag pols, the craven Hollywood swells and their army of and rank and file racists thugs would have you believe that whitey is at the same time a money grubbing capitalist but won’t hire the most qualified person to make him the very money he is grubbing.

No I’m not saying that there isn’t white racism, institutional racism or even the dreaded white privilege.  What I’m saying is that racism is not a white only or even a white predominately problem.  The biggest racists all seem to me to be on the left and many of them are people of color.  Deport them all. 

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