Monday, November 30, 2015

In the case of refugee resettlement the “golden rule” is “follow the money”

The world is crap hole.  But the thing frustrating me the most this morning is my bishop's support for relocating Syrian refugees relocating to Indiana.  He made his case by being widely quoted in an editorial the Sunday cage liner.  What's more aggravating is an organization that I have supported in the past- Catholic Charities - being in bed with the feds on this issue.  It turns out relocating refugees is a huge money maker for "non-profit" Christian charities.  

I've already sent a long screed to the bishop and received no response (he usually replies).  So I'm launching one across his bow in this letter to editor in response to their BS piece.

While, Bishop Rhoades’ support for open borders may be 100% based in theological teachings and a genuine concern for less fortunate human beings,  Catholic Charities’ work in this area is almost certainly not. 

In fiscal year 2015 the US State Department has spent more than $1 billion on refugee resettlement programs.  Much of that money has gone to Christian “non-profits” like Catholic Charities.

According to a Refugee Resettlement Watch report, these charities can earn between $1,800 - $2,200 for each refugee it sponsors.  They also can pocket 25% of every transportation loan secured for resettlement.  Additionally, the government provides 100% of the administrative costs for charities located in its Washington, D.C. headquarters.  The charities can qualify for more government grants under the headings of “marriage initiatives,”  “faith based,” or “ownership society.”  The charities can actually make a stipend for distributing donated goods like clothing and furniture to refugees.

The report claims that government refugee relocation has become so lucrative that Catholic Charities has lessened its support of traditional charities in some towns to put additional effort into the more profitable refugee resettlement business.

Bishop Rhoades knows “how much governmental investigation actually goes on at stages when someone immigrates.”  What the Bishop apparently doesn’t know are the numerous reports by DHS and the FBI that indicate there is NO RELIABLE WAY TO VET SYRIAN REFUGEES, because there is absolutely nothing to vet them against.  It’s interesting to note that the sponsoring charity’s responsibility to track its refugees ends after only 4 months. 

It’s easier to accept someone’s intentions on an issue as pure, if they are not making money off the issue.  As it is not the government’s responsibility to fund anyone’s charity, I urge USCCB and Catholic Charities to get out of bed with the federal government.

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