Tuesday, December 01, 2015

For the left killing people who draw cartoons can be justified and rationalized killing people who kill babies cannot

Lemmesee, it was not that long ago when a cartoon drawing contest featuring a murderous cartoon figure, Mohammad, affectionately known simply as Mo on this page, triggered a couple of carefully vetted azzbag Islamo-Terror-Fascists to drive to the site of the contest, get their weapons out the truck and head in to shoot the place up.  An alert security cop saw the two peace loving ITF and promptly sent them on their way to meet their 72 virgins.

Poor girls, but then in Islam it’s always the women being slapped into a burqa, being held hostage to the men in the family for fear of some honor killing, having their bodies mutilated because Mo’s defenders or so unsure of their manhood that they cannot trust one of their wives around other men.  It’s a beautiful religion unless you happen to be female, homosexual, Christian, Jew, or any other religion or even a different sect of the same religion.

Okay, there was point to all of this, what was it?  Oh yeah, when the ITF azzbags came to TX to shoot up the draw Mo contest, I’m pretty sure the ITF worshiping MSM pretty much blamed the contest organizers for what happened.  They called the contest provocation.  Remember that horse-faced lying stack of bovine excrement SecState and only surviving Cambodian War hero Fran├žois Kerry called the Charlie Hebdo shooting legitimate before backtracking to say he could understand the rational for those particular murders.  Really?

So if Mo’s backazzward supporters go on a killing rampage about drawings of Mo, it’s understandable, because after all cartoons of their pedophile profit have killed more Muslims than the crusades.  I’ve that right – don’t I?  These cartoons have got to be killing 1,000s of Muslims for the azzbag ITF to go these shooting sprees – right?  And don’t get me started on the number of Muslims being killed by a phony video no one ever saw.  These deadly cartoons have to stop before we literally have a Muslim genocide our hands.  Oh if only it were so easy.

Okay there is a point to all of this and I’m going to get to it right now.   While ITF loving Demo-Dopes like horse-face Kerry and the MSM are quick to blame the victims when ITF shoot up a cartoon office or try to shoot up a cartoon contest, claiming that such a murderous reaction by the ITF to squiggles on a page can be justified or rationalized, they take the exact opposite reaction when someone shoots up a Planned Baby Body Parts Sale and Distribution Center.

Not only do they not blame the victim for its barbaric profit making industry, they don’t even blame the actual perp.  Instead they blame an entire political movement.  They send out fund raisers after the event.  They need more money - not to provide more security at their death facilities but rather - to engage in political speech to stop Republicans or anyone who thinks who pulling a live baby from its mother’s womb to suck its brains out just prior to delivery is a vile, cruel and barbaric practice.

So for these criminally stupid azzbags shooting up facilities engaged in free speech is justified or can be rationalized and heaps of scorn should be ladled upon those engaging in such free speech activities.  If they’d just shut up they wouldn’t get shot.  On the other hand, shooting up a place that is legally destroying life and selling the body parts is an inexcusable and heinous crime.  Not only should the shooter be held responsible anyone who opposes these legal killings or exposes the illegal sale of the resultant body parts needs to be condemned and held responsible for the shooting as well.  

The ITF, MSM, PP and Demo-Dopes are all birds of a feather on so many levels.  F-em all. 

The only question I have is are the ITF just targeting people who draw Mo or are they also going after PJ'd up bloggers who write about Mo?  Well if I’m killed, I’m certain it will be justified.  Right horse-face? 

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