Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Donald survives which means he won

Trump won.  Don’t listen to Fox’s post-debate analysis which appears to be an orchestrated effort to breathe life back into JEB’s!! campaign.  Here’s why.

1) No one took him out.

2)  Denying or infiltrating ISIS Internet access is NOT a violation of their 1st Amendment rights of which they have none and sounds totally reasonable.

3)  Killing ISIS family members if they are in material support of the enemy makes them the enemy and fair targets.  If Mo’s 7 wives happen to be home when Mo is holding an ISIS meeting and a 500 lbs bomb falls on their heads well so sad too bad.  I can guarantee you if Lex was running a criminal activity from the compound, my first worry would be Mrs. Lex finding out.   Islamo-Terror-Fascists have no such worries. Israelis bulldoze the homes of suicide bombers leaving their families homeless and creating a descent deterrent for mom and dad encouraging jr. to blow himself up on a bus.

4)  We heard the “We are at war” line how many times last night? Seems to me Trump was signaling to voters he was one a few who was willing to fight and win a war.

5)  Trump will embrace JEB’s!! supposed insult of being a “chaos candidate.”  We’re 20 TRILLION IN DEBT and have a list serious problems that could fill three posts.  Maybe the ruling class azzbags need to have some chaos come down on their lying thieving heads.

6)  Trump’s pledge to support the Republican candidate did him some good.

7)  Trump’s signature issue – immigration – took a toll on gang of 8 charter member Marco Rubio.  Trump didn’t even have to go after Rubio.  Cruz did the heavy lifting against Rubio and got the better of him.

8)  After his comment on Muslim immigration, Trump is one Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack from the White House.

Cruz’s line about Rubio caring more about Chuckles Schumer opinion on immigration than the Party was a cut that went pretty close to the bone.

Grahmnesty pandering to Muslims by apologizing for Trump was a sickening moment on the undercard. 

Christie’s “feckless weakling” characterization of The Empty Suit got cheers from Mrs. Lex and has the added benefit of being totally true.

I didn’t disagree with anything Fiorina said but the delivery at times comes off a bit like a hectoring schoolmarm.

Carson was flat and may continue his slide in the polls.  So far Carson's loss has meant Cruz's gain.  Most total BS question ever to Carson from Huge Hewitt  - are you okay with killing thousands of innocent children.  Huge, you’re a pathetic dumbazz.  The correct answer is F**K you.  If that’s too harsh there’s always Gen Sherman’s approach, “You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will.  War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it…”  

Kasich, why are you up there?

Paul had a solid performance and has a diehard base.  Will hang around until NH and IA.

I'm starting to see a Trump Cruz; Cruz Trump...okay the Donald isn't going to play second fiddle to anyone, but a Trump Cruz ticket is a possibility. 

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