Wednesday, December 09, 2015

He - could - go - all - the - way

The establishment of both parties want to take Donald Trump out.  Harry the roach Reid and Paulie walnuts Ryan are on the same side of the Trump issue of ensuring the proper vetting of Muslims coming into the country.  I don’t care what Paulie thinks.  One reason I don’t care is that his new bearded hipster look reminds me of the total loser character on the old TV show The Office whose first name ironically is Ryan.

Aside from looking like, the two share the same career path.  Office Ryan, though having been proven to be an incompetent loser, rises to a high corporate position in a dying and dysfunctional paper company.  Speaker of the House Ryan though having been proven to be an incompetent loser (Oh yes he is.  Exhibit one: 2012 debate performance with Idiot Biden.), rises to a high government position in a dysfunctional government.

Idiot spokesperson for the Chief Idiot, Josh not so Ernest said that Trump’s comments “disqualifies him from serving as president.”  In the post under Lex notes how Dopes want to suspend your First Amendment rights with regard to telling the truth about Islamo-Terror-Fascists and abolish the Second Amendment with no due process.  Now this pompous little azz sniffer thinks he can decide who is qualified for what office.  

Seems to me Article II of the Constitution pretty clearly lays out “who is qualified to be president.”  With regard to Trump: Naturally born citizen: Check.  35 years old: Check.  Resident of the US for 14 years:  Check.  So what Josh meant to say was:  “$h!t.  I wish this common sense, tell it like it is, self-funded, accomplished guy would stop screwing up the political process the Rats and Dopes have so carefully constructed over the years and were somehow disqualified.”

I can understand the Rat and Dope establishment azzweasels going after Trump.  What I cannot understand is that the vitriol directed at Trump is much harsher than anything they direct at the enemy.  The establishment Rats - Paulie walnuts, Kasich, Jolly, Gramnesty, JEB!, etc. - are 1,000 times harsher toward Trump than any criticism they direct toward the roach, The Empty Suit, Shrillda the Hutt etc.  To me that is downright weird.  Happily my guy Cruz didn’t take the bait.  Rubio even took my advice to say anyone who cannot be 100% vetted cannot enter the country.

I think the establishment Dopes and Rats are getting the same feeling that I’m getting.  Donald Trump may thread the needle all the way to the White Office.  Thus panic has set in.  They are now in do anything, say anything just stop Trump mode.  It's a wonderful thing to watch.

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