Monday, December 21, 2015

TES #1 gun salesman and #1 ISIS recruiter

Contrary to what The Empty Suit says, G’itmo isn’t the main driver of Islamo-Terror-Fascist recruiting - he is.  What happens in a football game when one side builds an insurmountable lead?  The other coach starts clearing the bench.  It’s at that point that every kid in the stands wishes he’d joined the team – particularly if the team being pounded is the reigning state champion.

ISIS is beating TES’s brains out.  Now the wannbe jihadis want to get into the game.  They have the advantage of being able to forego the brutal summer 2-a-days.  They grab a gun, wander into a “gun free zone”, and shoot the place up.  Before the smoke settles and the blood is mopped up, TES is out calling the murder “work place violence”, “gun violence”, “senseless violence”,   anything but what it actually is: a war on the west by godless murderous ITF bastards trapped in the 7th century. 

The azzbags running this half-azzed fight against ISIS continually tell us putting boots on the ground to kill and capture the bastards is playing right into ISIS’s hands.  I’d like to test that theory with a no holds barred fight between ISIS and the 1st MarDiv.  I’d pity the bastards.  I truly would.  And I guarantee the mountain of dead jihadis that fight would produce wouldn’t be a recruiting tool.  No one wants to get into the game when there’s a real chance that the other team is skilled at putting your lights out and these is a bench that is littered with injured bodies to prove the point.   For the record: The ONLY thing wrong with G’itmo is that it is not running at capacity in the manner of a real prison instead of a PC jihadi vacation camp.

If you’d like another sports metaphor or even if you don’t, TES’s G’itmo policy is like a manager of baseball team unilaterally waiving baseball’s reentry rule for the other team.  For the unwashed, in baseball when a player is replaced on the lineup card he cannot return the game.  TES’s G’itmo policy is to get as many the ITF that our forces have captured back into the game at all cost.  After all, a pandering campaign promise is a pandering campaign promise – and none the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags are likely to get their worthless hides blown up.

With regard to traitor bastard, Bergdahl, TES traded five top flight major league Cy Young winners for a washed up no talent D League utility man.  Again, TES or his hectoring fatazz wife are unlikely to run across the 5.  Your kid might, but really you cannot expect any of these Caligula, D.C. azzweasels to care what happens to you or one your kids.

As far as Shrillda the Hutt's coments about Trump being ISIS's best recruiter, check this out.

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