Monday, December 28, 2015

Trump schlonging Shrillda the Hutt and MSM

Here’s why the Donald’s Schlonged comment will die a peaceful death.  When lefty Libs claim the Donald is sexist – the Donald goes into full Bill slack jaw Clinton is a rapist and Shrillda the Hutt knew it and helped cover it up mode.  I’m wondering if he plays this stuff out in his mind before saying these things or if he reacts on the fly.  Either way WOW.  Just WOW. 

I think the Donald is on to something here.  How do I know?  Well ever since Trump schlonged Shrillda the Hutt last week, all manner of Dope political strategist and the usual Rat weaklings are warning Trump off of the practice.  Dopes maintain they’d’ love for Trump to go after their slack jawed rapist hero.  Rats opine the strategy is fraught with danger.  Had Trump followed the advice of these political wizards, he’d be polling somewhere between Jim Gilmore and Lindsey Grahmnesty right now.

Here’s what we know.  Billbo Billyboy Clinton was impeached and disbarred for exposing himself to Paula Jones.  The inquiry into that event exposed Billyboy’s long track record of groping, exposing and even raping women and using an intern as a “cigar humidor” in the Oval Office.  It’s been nearly 20 years since the public was made aware or reminded of what a reprobate the slack jawed misfit has been.  Since then he has been recorded in the company of a well-known pedophile on flights in his private jet for the express purpose of hooking up with under aged hookers (Subway guy Jared is in jail for the similar behavior.) and has a long list of shady dealings with the Billbo Billyboy, Shrillda the Hutt and no talent off spring Clinton Foundation or as Rush refers to it - The Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Rand Paul has made similar comments about Shrillda the Hutt being married to the war on women.  I cannot believe millennials who need a safe space when confronted by a coed in a Halloween costume, who are battling a make believe “rape culture” on campus, are going to vote for a woman married to a disbarred impeached thieving rapist who was labeled a racist by The Empty Suit.

Trump is making a smart move.  The one constant in Republican Party politics is the lack of anyone willing to punch back twice as hard.  Lying crap weasel and admitted lying $h!t Harry the roach Reid took to the floor of the senate to level lies at the Republican presidential candidate and not one Rat SOB senator took to floor to call him out.  Trump -thankfully - will never need anyone to step in to defend him.  That fact alone is probably enough to keep most craven pols from saying anything about defamatory about Donald Trump.

NFL doping
Peyton Manning has been accused of doping.  He fits the profile, aging icon plagued by injury trying to hold on to glory.  I don’t know if he’s doping or not.  I do know that the NFL is full of physical freaks.  How they got there is a good question.  I do not think the 400 pound defensive lineman who covers 40 yards like cheetah got there by eating more peanut butter.

The players union claims its #1 priority is to make the game safer for its members, but they are fighting against blood samples to check for human growth hormones.   Hey player’s union, freakishly large men accelerating at unnatural speeds creating collisions that would total most subcompact cars is not a safe practice. 

Peyton Manning may be 100% clean.  If the league were to have 100% screening for HGH, I’d wager the Griffin’s Christmas bonus that the NFL would have to cancel the play offs due to a lack of clean players.  But we’ll never know what we really should think about this issue until we get double murder suspect Ray antler head Lewis’ take on it during ESPN’s MNF pregame show.

The NFL is a joke.  Sadly like trickle down economics, what goes on in the NFL trickles down to college and now even high school football. 

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