Friday, December 04, 2015

More CA shooting points

On Prayer
There is no doubt in my mind that the dopes shaming anyone praying for victims and survivors of the CA shooting where themselves praying.  The dopes were praying that the perp was a white, right-wing, NRA member toting a Bible.  They prayed for that outcome right up to the point that the names of the shooters were released.  That’s when a lefty Lib collective “DAMN!” was heard across the nation.  It’s only when their own prayers, hopes and hashtags were not answered that they began shaming people praying for the comfort of the victims.

On Climate Change
The dog not barking in this case is any news of environmental, global climate change, save the whales, hug a tree, connection to the CA shooters.  Knowing that climate change and other environmental issues are the most pressing and dangerous issues of the day, according to The Empty Suit, this non-news is downright baffling.  I’d have thought by now we would learn that evidence has surfaced that the shooters were members of Green Peace, Earth Liberation Front, Sierra Club, PETA and The Human Fund (Seinfeld).  That news would be followed by America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - Francois Kerry - issuing a statement that due to their motives, the shooters’ actions were justified or could at a minimum be rationalized.

All we know for sure so far is that the shooters were radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Again baffling, because we all know that Islam is religion of peace.  I've got right, don't I?

On gun control
Lefty Libs have yet to turn out their of list of “common sense” gun controls.  When the list does come out it be the standard list of BS proposals, banning black guns, guns with a bayonet lug and any gun that looks ugly to Babs Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

They will ignore genuine common sense measures like instant checks for gun purchasers.  If you’ve ever had a problem with a credit card you know the first time you ever find out about it is at a restaurant when you’re with friends and waiter informs you and the rest of the table that the card has been rejected.  If Master Card can instantly track hundreds of millions of cards world-wide, why can’t the government create a database of felons, loons, terrorists under investigation etc?  It’s simple.  The lefty Libs would howl like banshees if their solid voting blocks of felons, loons and terrorists were singled out by law enforcement.

Such a system would do nothing to prevent straw buyers.  So the dope reaction is stop selling guns altogether.  That does nothing about the 380 million guns already in the country.  The Dopes will want round those guns up.

That’s the bottom line Mr. & Mrs. America Dopes want to ban guns and round up those already in American hands.  That’s when the jihadis will unleash hell on America.

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