Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thoughts on CA shootings

If the weather (climate change) truly were our most serious problem, stories about what happened yesterday in CA would read like this: There was another bad case of global cooling, uh warming, uh climate change in San Bernardino, CA yesterday.  The sudden and drastic change in temperatures from a cooling scare in the 70s to warming scare in the 90s to just normal or slightly above or slightly below normal seasonal fluctuations for the last 18 years - climate change - left 14 people dead and 17 wounded.   The scourge of climate change coupled with the climate’s easy ability to obtain guns is killing Americans.

We know this because The Empty Suit and other Dope grandees have declared the weather the #1 problem in the world.  Old timers used to sit on the front porch sipping moon shine and say, “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”  Well, other than the occasional Bond villain who created satellites to affect the local weather.  Now TES and other world “leaders” are devising a plan whereby developed countries with relatively clean economies and getting cleaner everyday pay a carbon tax to offset China and India’s heavy pollution.  Makes sense and is a truly brilliant idea!

It’s really very easy when stop to think about it or don’t stop to think.  First, ban all of the guns.  Then only the climate will be able to get a gun.  Accordingly any gun owner will become a criminal.  Then we can arrest them.  Then enact silly climate change legislation designed to cripple the American economy.  This will have three benefits.  One, cheap illegal alien labor will become a must to stay competitive.  Two, no one will be able to afford a gun.  Three, it will create millions upon millions of additional poor people who cannot afford to heat or cool their home, buy meat or drive a car.  They will be forced to line up at the federal trough and wait for the Dope Party to turn on the free gruel.  All power to the Dope party. END OF STORY.

Encouragingly, thinking people know climate change is a hoax.  The hoax is blindly adhered to by people have too much invested in it to let it go.  Hollywood hipsters, snowflake college kids and the Demo-Dope Party cannot let the warm-mongering scare go because to do so they would have to admit that they are colossal dumbazzes for buying into the scam in the first place and then hanging on for so long in the face of a mountain of evidence that proves they continue to be even bigger dumbazzes.  Better to come out with another BS study based on fake data that “proves” man will destroy the planet in the next 50 years if we don’t raise taxes on the rich and open our borders to anyone who wants to walk across.  When the study is inevitably proven to be total BS all of the people involved will be dead.  Then it’ll be time for another BS study based on fake data that proves man is destroying the planet and we only have 50 years left.

The real problem in this world today Mr. and Mrs. America is a BS religion based on war and subjugation and firmly anchored in the 7th century.  It’s most zealous followers are like primitive reptiles.  They are impervious to reason.  They cannot be bargained with.  Their primitive instincts are to kill or assimilate everything on Earth.  They cannot be “contained”.  They must defeated - and because they NEVER really go away defeated again.  This has been going on in America since 1803 and in the West since the 6th century.  Today TES, Western leaders and Pope Homer think that they can reason with the primitives and are more concerned about the weather than their people getting their throats slit or shot down in cold blood by the score by Muslim fundamentalists.

Every time something goes bang in the night, the Dope knee jerk reaction is “common sense” gun laws.  Instead of offering the usual cogent fact based arguments, we ought to say “fine put it out there.”  No more hiding behind buzz words like “common sense” what EXACTLY do you propose?  The answer is nothing.  Like poverty, immigration and the fake war on women Dopes do not want a solution they want a campaign issue.  I suspect any gun law the dopes could come up with was already law in Paris.  And of course, it’s against the law to shoot people enjoying a Christmas party anyway.  Wait, this is TES’s America.  Maybe it’s okay to shoot Christians now.

I am toying with the idea of paying for CCW licenses, buying small handguns and concealed carry holsters for the family for Christmas this year.   I am a big believer in constitutional carry, but things are getting nuts.  When BLM and the ITF link up to start a race war in America, the smart money is on preparation not platitudes about the Constitution.   

The leftist Dopes have sunk so low as to mock us for extending well wishes and prayers to the victims.  This new phenomenon is referred to as prayer shaming.  Okay I offer my well wishes and a meaningless lefty Lib hashtag to victims along with the hope the perps and their supporters get their worthless azzes shot off the next time they raise their scaly heads.  We need another Pope Pius V to raise a Holy League to end this scourge on humanity.  Anyone who doesn’t not recognize this as the continuation of 7th century Islam trying to dominate the world is an idiot.  Any talk of the religion of peace, or backlashes, or can’t paint with too broad a brush is BS.  There is not a brush wide enough to paint this BS murderous religion.

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