Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lex’s Man of the Year: Donald Trump

The Donald has laid waste to JEB!!, Rand Paul, Kasich, and the entire Rat Republican establishment.  He’s about to schlong Shrillda the Hutt.  Sensing a tough go in NH from a 178 year old socialist senator who looks like Professor Irwin Corey, the Hutt is calling on all of her feminist resources and deploying her slack jawed rapist old man to bail her ample azz out.  You’ve come a long way baby – get your fat butt in trouble and the first thing you do is call on your old man to bail you out.  What happened to all of that “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  For the Hutt it’s more like, I am woman hear my old man roar, because I am clearly not up to it.

It’s not only the candidates that Trump has dominated, he’s setting the debate as well.  Every issue Trump wants to bring up dominates the news cycle for ten days.  Immigration, John McCain not being a war hero for getting captured, the border wall, Muslims entering the US, bombing the oil fields to deny ISIS funds and now Shrillda the Hutt getting schlonged took over the news cycles.  In most cases the pundits were sure each would doom Trump to an early exit from the race.  After the first debate Chas. Krauthammer said something along the lines, “The one take away from the debate is that Trump is done.”  Uh, no he isn’t.

When Trump said he’d bomb the oil fields to deny ISIS funds, the geniuses said that could not be done. Now they are doing it.  When Trump called to close the southern border with a wall that Mexico would pay for, he was called a racist.  Now most Republicans agree that sealing the border is job one.  When Trump called for not allowing any more Muslims into the country he was again attacked as racist.  But common sense is alive and well among the electorate even if it long ago died among the Caligula D.C. ruling class azzbags and their MSM water carriers.

Trump is ahead because, bombast aside, as Mrs. Lex notes, “I don’t like his style, but I don’t disagree with much of what says.”

Trump has accomplished all of this on his own.  He doesn’t take huge donations.  He has yet to unleash the multi-million dollar ad campaign that JEB!! is now unleashing on us on Fox News.  Note to JEB!!, it is not working.  You are done.  JEB!! has been so thoroughly humiliated by Trump  that when the one time front runner and almost certain Republican nominee threatened not support Trump, Trump said he didn’t want JEB’s!! endorsement because he’s a loser.  Pure Trump.  Get the last word that leave the opponent so gob smacked they just stand there with their best stunned mullet look.

Now Shrillda the Hutt has waddled into Trump’s beaten zone (military term for the area of most accurate fire from a machinegun) and dragged her slack jawed rapist old man with her.  Everyone is warning Trump off.  The Dopes because he’s on to something.  The estb. Rats because they are losers and like to lie down while they take it from the Dopes. 

Prediction: Trump will win again.

Yup, still all in for Cruz.

Shrillda the Hutt simultaneously most admired and biggest liar
Apparently the same Americans who said that the first word that comes to mind when the name Hillary Clinton comes up is “Liar” do not think that being a liar should disqualify one from being Gallop’s “most admired woman in America.” 

So on the one hand we have “liar” on the other hand we have “most admired.”  We know for a fact that Shrillda the Hutt is pathological liar.  So who voted? 

See you next year.

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