Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday stuff

Passage of Paulie Walnuts' Omnibus another nail in America's coffin
Once again the Rats cave.  Ironically, the establishment Dope and Rats gave Trump another gift. Trump will rise a coupe of points in the polls.

Jonah Goldberg channels Lex
After the CA murders by Islamo-Terror-Fascists and member in good standing with the “religion of peace”, Lex noted that he was sick about hearing how “Americans are afraid.”  Lex noted that Americans historically do not scare easy and if they were afraid of anything it was probably their own corrupt BS dysfunctional government bent on jailing video makers, Tea Party members and retuning vets rather than looking into ITF MFers.  Well turns out NR’s Jonah Goldberg reads Lex.  He takes the idea and runs with it here.

Hey, Mike ask your homosexual buddies if they are Muslim then show them the picture of what ITF azzbags do to homosexuals
Mike More takes brave stand for ITF tolerance in front of Trump Towers
No, mike, we’re not.  Ask your homosexualfriends if they’d like to relocate Damascus or any other Muslim center.  Hell, ask them if they’d like to relocate to Dearborn, MI.  Take your own lefty liberal fat azz to a Muslim center and start to preach tolerance and love for homosexuals and Jews and see what happens.  Mike More would get his head sawn off in about 30 seconds.  He’s a brave, brave man so instead of hanging out with his friends pushing tolerance, Mike hangs out in front of Trump Towers.  What was it Ralph Peters called TES?

Idunno it makes sense to me
Ted Cruz while trying to sell a poison pill amendment to kill gang of 8 amnesty bill, denies it’s a poison pill.  Rubio and his Rat establishment azzlickers – many of whom reside at FNC – call Cruz a liar for trying to get the senate to take their medicine.  Parents never do that when dealing with their spoiled rotten privileged little brat kids (accurate description of 98% of the senate) now do they?

The bottom line on this is simple.  Rubio was carrying The Empty Suit’s, La Raza’s, foolish Dopes everywhere and Chuck Schumer’s water on amnesty as a charter member in good standing of the gang of 8 and Cruz wasn’t.  As Rush Limbaugh opined – It’s no more complicated than that.  Cruz shouldn’t even try to justify “lying about his amendment” and go straight to the bottom line – Marco was a gang member.  I was not.    

Affirmative Action = Banning all Muslims
How is Trump’s common sense proposal to ban Muslims any different from affirmative action.  Both single people out for special treatment, no?

If we are not going to do what the ITF want us to do….
The howl from lefty libs when confronted with common sense proposals for dealing ITFs like banning Muslim immigrants until “we can find out what the hell is going on” or putting American boots on the ground to kill wholesale or sending police into mosques to listen to sermons, keep G’itmo open etc. is “That’s exactly what the ITF want us to do.”

So does the ITF want the US government to disarm their citizens?  I suspect that they do.  So lefty libs, STFU up about gun control because that’s exactly what the ITF want us to do.

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